27 July 2016

Omicron Draconids?? Meteor Shower El Paso, TX 27JUL2016

Omicron Draconids?? Meteor Shower El Paso, TX 27JUL2016 - Rarely Observed Meteor Shower!

The Omicron Draconids??Shower observed in the last few nights from El Paso, TX. Had a break in the clouds for a short time last nights and saw three meteor in about three minute that seem to be related to this shower. Not a lot of visual observations of this shower since first observed in 1876. Just wondering has any one noticed activity from this shower? Meteors ranged in magnitude from +2 to +3, white in color, moderate speed, duration one second or less. The trails were not long since they were up near the radiant. The Omicron Draconids run from July 6th to July 28th with peak on or around the July 17th.
Thomas Dorman, El Paso, TX

If anyone has any observations of the Omicron Draconids please email- LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Thank you!

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