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08 April 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08APR2016

Expect a Very Active Month for Bolides, Fireballs and Meteors
Expect some spectacular bolides, fireballs, and meteors this month and especially large ones 3-5 days before and following the passing of 11 small ...

CHRISTIE'S, the largest and most esteemed auction house in the world, will be conducting its first dedicated catalog auction of Meteorites on Wednesday, April 20th in South Kensington, London. ...

Museum Accuses Marin County Man of Stealing Missing Gold-Flecked Meteorite Over 'Seller’s Remorse'
The case pits a "world-renowned" fossil hunter against a collector of "extraterrestrial objects d'art" and a mineral and gem museum ...

Stars Above: Jupiter, Mars and meteor shower come out in April sky
Montreal Gazette
The springtime night sky in April offers skywatchers a great opportunity to spy on the biggest and brightest planets, and ameteor shower. The king of ...

Large meteor over New Zealand on 05 april 2016
Before It's News
According to an astronomer, this brighter-than-normal meteor was likely the size of a tennis ball and travelling at between 10km to 30km per second....

Strathmore Meteorite to be auctioned almost 100 years after crashing in Perthshire
Now almost 100 years after the so-called Strathmore Meteorite crashed with a thud during the First World War, a thick slab is set to fetch between £10,000 and £15,000 at auction....

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