24 April 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24APR2016

Dinosaurs Already in Decline Before Massive Meteor
State of the State KS (subscription)
The giant asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago finished off the dinosaurs, which were already in decline, this new study suggests. "The current ...

Lyrid meteor shower near peak
State of the State KS (subscription)
You can also hear of the Lyrid meteor showers as the April Lyrids or only Lyrids. The point of origin for the meteor shower is not the constellation Lyra, ..

An embarrassment of riches awaits in month of May
New Jersey Herald
From meteor showers to a rare planetary transit of the sun to some news that is perhaps the most significant in the space age, this month might be the ...

Lyrid Meteor
Spaceweather.com Realtime Image Gallery
Lyrid Meteor Taken by Rocky Raybell on April 23, 2016 @ Keller, Washington. Click photo for larger image. Camera Used: Canon Canon PowerShot

Lyrid meteor shower 2016: Still time to catch a few shooting starts
The annual meteor shower peaked April 22 but will last through April 25, according to NASA, which called it one of the more unpredictable meteor ...

Munching on seeds probably kept birds alive during catastrophic ecosystem collapse
NH Voice
A report published in VOA News revealed, "Seeds may have played a role in the survival of the bird's ancestors following a meteor strike that spawned ...

Thomas Kapitany
April 24 at 8:07am
Group of Moroccans Found the Association for Meteorite Professionals in Erfoud, Morocco
On April 16th 120 people gathered in the southern city of Erfoud. The city is considered to be the c...

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