24 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24FEB2016

Is a rogue comet on a collision course with Earth? Surprise meteor shower sparks hunt for ...
Daily Mail
Revellers in New Zealand were treated to a New Year's bonus during the first hours of 2016 with a meteor shower that lit up the sky, but there was one ...

"Fireball '2nd only to Chelyabinsk meteor' explodes unseen over Atlantic" - REDUX
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Reporting carefully and comprehensively on a meteor event which occurred 17 days ago, with publicly available data which was seen 3 days ago but, ...

Largest Fireball Since Chelyabinsk Falls Over the Atlantic
Slate.com By Phil Plait- February 20, 2016
On Feb. 6, at about 14:00 UTC, a tiny chunk of interplanetary material plunged into Earth's atmosphere and burned up - likely exploding - about 30 kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean....

Multiple meteors hit Earth causing devastation including tsunamis and huge earthquakes
By gathering tektites – a natural glass which is found in meteor and asteroid debris – the experts from the Heidelberg University were able to pinpoint ...

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk plunges through atmosphere over Atlantic
Nasa employee Ron Baalke tweeted the incident after it appeared on the space agency's Fireball and Bolide Reports web page, which records all ...

NASA Records Huge Meteor Explosion That Produced Same Force As Atomic Bomb
Huffington Post UK
NASA has revealed that a massive meteor crashed into the Atlantic ocean earlier this month with the force equivalent to an atomic bomb. However ...

Large-ish Meteor Hits Earth... But No One Noticed
Discovery News
If a space rock hits the atmosphere, and no one is around to hear it, does the tabloid press still report it as an Earth-shattering event? Of course!

Huge meteor explodes in the atmosphere over Atlantic
The Daily Star
A full view of the smoke trail with the bulbous section corresponding to a mushroom cloud's cap during the meteor explosion in Chelyabinsk, Russia ...

Fireball explodes over the Atlantic Ocean with the same force as Hiroshimsa
A fiery meteor which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean exploded with the same energy of the atomic bomb that decimated Hiroshima. On February 6 a ...

Asteroid impact sparks fireball with power of a nuclear bomb - why hasn't NASA raised the alarm?
A massive fireball with the power of a nuclear bomb exploded in Earth's atmosphere two weeks ago - and the world almost failed to notice it.

West Island residents say they hear 'strange trumpets in the sky'
Montreal Gazette
A meteor streaks across the sky against a field of stars during a meteorite shower early August 13, 2010 near Grazalema, southern Spain. JORGE ...
Planetary Science Research Discoveries [PSRD] topics this month:

Iron Meteorites Just Below the Ice Surface

ANSMET 2015-2016 North to South in the Miller Range, Antarctica

Space Weathering on the Moon--By Degrees Latitude


Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez
February 23 at 10:39pm
BÓLIDO SPMN230216: Un fantástico bólido capturado esta mañana a las 6h55m hora local por Estefania Blanch (CSIC-URLl) desintegrándose sobre el centro peninsular en el marco de las cámaras CSIC-IEEC que tenemos instaladas en el Observatorio del Ebro (CSIC-URLl) para el registro de bólidos. Más detalles en el listado Red SPMN: http://www.spmn.uji.es/ESP/SPMNlist.html
Se denomina a las estrellas fugaces más luminosas, aquellas que igualan o superan el planeta Venus (...


Luis T Escudeiro
February 24 at 10:07pm
'Bola de fogo' explode sobre Atlântico a mil quilômetros da costa do Brasil - BBC Brasil
Bola de fogo é a maior desde queda de rocha espacial na Rússia em 2013.

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