18 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 18FEB2016

Here's How the Sun Vaporizes Asteroids
It also helps explain why observed meteor streams close to the sun seem to have no parent NEO that's leading the pack — because the parent object ...

Fireball Meteor Lights up the Sky over Virginia
16, 2016) many of you saw a meteor...that ended with a green flare. These long-trail meteors are called "Fireballs" since they last longer than typical ...

Fireball lights up skies over Richmond, East Coast
A fireball streaked across the sky in the Richmond region and much of the East Coast on Tuesday, according to the American Meteor Society

Watch space object land in Florida, epic find
Palm Beach Post (blog)
Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society, said several people reported the Jan. 24 fireball that fell to Earth at about 10:30 ...

Hot Mystery of Missing Asteroids Handled With Gravity
CDA News
Also, as the asteroids break down, some pieces fall to earth in meteor showers, at times of the year not associated with periodic meteor showers like ...

Scientists uncover mystery of missing asteroids
Modern Readers
In addition, the researchers believe that their new discovery could also help solve another mystery – meteor showers without a parent object.

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Stephanie Asfahl said...

I saw a big green one falling somewhere in Oklahoma last night. It looked like it landed somewhere outside of Perry. I never seen one before. I made a wish in it anyway. Lol