12 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12FEB2016

MBIQ Detects California Meteor 11FEB2016
Posted: 11 Feb 2016 02:18 PM PST
MBIQ Detects California Meteor 0640 PST 11FEB2016 Report your meteor sightings please- http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.jp/2000/11/meteor-fireball-report-form.html

Asteroid Whizzing By Earth Could Come Closer Than The Moon
An asteroid nearly two times the size of a meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 will make a close flyby of Earth next month, NASA says, but it ...

San Diegans Report Blue and Green Mystery 'Streak' in Sky
NBC 7 San Diego
Dozens of San Diegans reported seeing a mysterious bright blue and green streak across the sky Thursday morning, which may have been a meteor.

Did you see a streak across the sky?
He believes it was a meteor, and MCAS Miramar officials told 10News no aircraft were up at that time. If you captured an image of the aerial sensation, ...

Meteor sighted from San Diego early Thursday
The San Diego Union-Tribune
A meteoroid burned up in the atmosphere early Thursday, producing a fireball that was seen by people across San Diego County, according to the ...

Meteor sighted off the coast of San Diego
Signs of the Times
American Meteor Society The American Meteor Society shows areas in Southern California where people reported seeing the meteor. The highest ...

Griffith Observatory Astronomer Says Streak Of Green-Blue Light Over SoCal 'Probably' A Meteorite
CBS Local
Hearing (from my dad) that there was a meteor like streak across the sky a few minutes ago. Any reports of that @CBSLA? #meteor. — Jaime Cordova ...

Reports of Green-Blue Streak of Light Across SoCal Sky Could Be Meteor
NBC Southern California
Reports of a mysterious greenish-blue light streaking across the skies poured in from all over Southern California Thursday morning, prompting a slew ...

Bright green meteor over the 110 south this morning
I am pretty confident it was a meteor. After I saw it I checked my position. I was just north of the 105 freeway (could see the 110/105 interchange in the ...

Did a Meteorite Kill a Man in India?
Voice of America (blog)
The science website Hubbel.com says a meteor is the flash of light we see in the sky when a small piece of “interplanetary debris burns up as it passes ...

Nasa says meteorite didn't kill Tamil Nadu man
Deccan Herald

NASA: No Way Meteorite Killed Driver In India
RTT News
Reports saying a meteor killed a man at a college campus in India are erroneous, according to NASA. Analysts looking at images of the scene are ...

Was A Man Struck And Killed By A Meteorite In India?
Universe Today
There's also been chatter about meteor showers dropping meteorites to Earth, with various stories reporting that there no activemeteor showers at the ...

Meteorite probably didn't kill man in India, NASA says
Fox News
NASA has questioned whether a man was killed by a meteorite in India on Saturday, following multiple reports that the victim died after an object ...

Man not killed by meteor strike
Laurel Leader Call
"There have been reports of injuries, but even those were extremely rare before the Chelyabinsk event three years ago", he said, citing the meteor that ...

Bright fireball over SoCal morning sky
American Meteor Society
More than 65 witnesses have reported a large blue-green fireball over southern california on Februray 11th around 6:35am PT (14:35 UT). The fireball ...

Ravi Jagtiani
February 12 at 8:22pm

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