10 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10FEB2016

India "Meteor-Killed Man" was NOT by Meteorite 09FEB2016 Graphic!
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News -09FEB2016
GRAPHIC- India "Meteor-Killed Man" was NOT by Meteorite 09FEB2016 Event took place at 1302 Local Time 06FEB2016 according to timestamp on ...

Meteorite- RJ, Brasil Fireball Meteor
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
RJ, Brasil Fireball Meteor Likely Produces Meteorites 00:30h Local 08FEB2016 Just Breaking! Brasil MeteorRATs Scramble for meteorites! Boots hit .

That Wasn't a Meteorite That Killed a Man in India, NASA Says
New York Times
In one of the largest recent events, meteorites fell in Chelyabinsk from a meteor that hit Earth's atmosphere in February 2013. About 1,200 people ...

It was a 'land-based explosion'
India Today - India Today Group
It was not a meteorite that took the life of a bus driver and injured three people in Tamil Nadu, says NASA....

NASA denies, meteorite killed a man in Vellore
The meteorite theory at Tamil Nadu is gradually fizzling out. NASA states in the report that going by the pictures posted online of the stone like object, ...

Scientists are bashing authorities' claims that a meteorite killed a bus driver in India
Business Insider
VIDEO: If true, it would be the first recorded meteorite death in history.

How likely are you to get hit by a meteor?
Christian Science Monitor
A man in India died from a meteor impact over the weekend. Though tons of space junks falls to Earth every year, the chances of serious damage are ...

Meteorite Kills Man in Southern India
Voice of America
The incident comes nearly three years after a large meteor was spotted streaking across the sky in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. That blast injured ...

Astrophysicists analyse 'meteorite' that killed bus driver, shattered windows in India
ABC Online

Vellore 'meteorite' strike: Stone handed to IIAP
The Indian Express
meteor. A paddy field in Vellore which also has a similar crater. A senior scientist from Indian Institute of Astrophysics' Vainu Bappu Observatory at ...

Chances man killed as a result of meteorite unlikely: astronomer
Scientists were analyzing a small blue object that plummeted from the sky and killed a man in southern India, after authorities said it was a meteorite.

Vellore: Scientists unsure if it was meteorite
News Today
Scientists also said the incident is not likely to be linked to a meteor shower, but there were no facts or proof that can back their statement. The incident ...

Meteorite Blast Killed Bus Driver Claims Tamil Nadu Government
A meteorite crashed into an engineering college in Vellore district on Saturday, causing an explosion that killed one man and injured three others, the ...

Inde: des scientifiques étudient une mystérieuse «météorite» tueuse
Le Journal de Montréal
Selon les experts, si l'hypothèse d'une météorite était confirmée, ce serait le premier cas répertorié au monde d'un homme tué de cette manière.

Man Killed in Explosion Caused by Meteorite, Gov't Official Says
ABC News
Scientists are investigating a man's death after government officials initially said that he was killed by an explosion caused by a
meteorite. The incident ...

Scientists study whether meteorite killed man in south India
Tamil Nadu officials declared the bluish rock, small enough to hold in the hand, to be a meteorite. Indian Institute of Astrophysics scientists were ...

Indian Scientists Study Possible Death by Meteorite
ABC News
Authorities say the victim was standing in close proximity to where the falling object landed.

Authorities: Meteorite killed Indian man
San Jose Mercury News
Scientists are analyzing a small blue object that plummeted from the sky and killed a man in southern India, after authorities said it was a meteorite.

First-Ever Meteorite Death Reported In India
“I will be very surprised if such a thing happened because of a meteor shower,” he said, reported The New Indian Express. “Normally meteor showers ...

NASA: Big Asteroid Could Pass Near Earth Next Month
Voice of America (blog)
Words in This Story. asteroid – n. any one of thousands of small planets that circle around the sun. flyby – n. a flight of a meteor, asteroid or spacecraft ...

Asteroid to zip by Earth in March, and it's 50% bigger than the one that exploded over Russia
Mother Nature Network

WATCH: Incredible moment powerful fireball blasts to Earth then 'changes direction'
The powerful fireball fell towards Earth above Madison in Wisconsin, USA. It was captured by a roof camera on the Space Science and Engineering ...

Did you see mystery orange flash of light over Plymouth this morning?
Plymouth Herald
DID a meteor strike cause a bright orange flash to light up the sky over Plymouth? Ground worker Sam Ho says he was coming out of his house in ...

"Meteor" caught on camera zooming through the sky in mobile phone footage
Daily Mirror
This glowing object thought to be a large meteor was spotted zooming through the sky by dozens of residents shocked at the colourful stream of light.

Video: Meteor seen in Saudi skies?
Emirates 24|7
A glowing object believed to be a large meteor was captured on camera as it crossed Saudi skies at night, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday....

Day of the Cyrillids: The Great Meteor Procession of 1913.
meteor procession over toronto by gustav hahn. One hundred and three years ago tonight, February 9, 1913, was a cloudy evening across much of the ...

Latest meteor fireballs recorded around the world: USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, USA
Strange Sounds
Meteor fireballs are increasing in number since start of February 2016. Here the latest videos of space rocks disintegrating in the sky around the world.

23 Reports
Fireball event
AMS received 23 reports about a fireball seen over IA, IL, WI, MO and IN on Sunday, February 7th 2016 around 00:43 UT.

UPDATE: Strange light could have been a meteorite
Bundaberg News Mail
Use this content. Was it a meteor that lit up Queensland? Related Items. Reader spots UFOs above Burnett Heads · UFO-like sprite seen on the ...

UPDATE: UFO expert says it wasn't a meteor over Gladstone
Gladstone Observer
And Ms Gottshall said the theory that it's a meteor just "doesn't gel" because "meteors don't rumble for five minutes", as one reader reported hearing.

Renato C. Poltronieri
February 10 at 9:48am
Timeline Photos
#MomentoAstronômico #Meteoro #Velore #Índia #Morte O Ministro Chefe de Tamil Nadu, confirmou que foi...

Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez
February 9 at 11:23pm
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