04 February 2016

NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fireball Sighting 08:00hrs MST 03FEB2016

NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fireball Sighting 08:00hrs MST 03FEB2016
Smoke trail reported! MeteorRATS start review!

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03FEB2016 Kevin Lanigan Calgary, Alberta,Canada 08:05-08:10 MST AM 3-5 secs W-N Bright White White No Very fast very bright

03FEB2016 Deanna Red Deer Alberta Canada 08:04 MST 2 seconds North West bright white brighter than Venus ? North east
03FEB2016 Mary Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada 8:02 AM, MST About 5 seconds Traveling south to north. I was facing west. Green to yellow,then white. Then a bit of a poof. Like a flare. Daylight. Very vibrant. A bit if fragmentation in the poof. Over too soon. Made my day. I'm glad other people saw it too.
03FEB2016 Erica lee Grande prairie, Alberta Ab 8am mst 3-5 seconds South to north facing east Low rubble Flames visible with smoke trail Single fragment None

Today I witnessed a large fireball/bright white ball shoot extremely fast as I was driving north of Calgary AB Canada. It was approximately 08:00-08:07 hrs MST. It lasted approximately 3-5 secs and was in the NW sky shooting towards the north in a downwards direction. I was travelling north in my vehicle it appeared on my left (western sky) about my far upper left eye vision and shot northerly in a down wards fashion to the horizon in front of me lasting approx 3-5 secs - Kevin Lanigan

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markncadace said...

I was working in drayton and also witnessed this event. It looked at if it was goin to touch down and burnt up within a few seconds. Pretty awesome site