16 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16NOV2015

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Mediterranean Bolide Meteor 2137 UTC 08NOV2015 Screenshot from YouTube ... Czech Republic Bolide Fireball Meteor 07NOV2015 w/ Video.

Sky spectacle: The Leonid meteor shower is comingUSA TODAY
Be sure to keep an eye to the sky this week: The Leonid meteorshower, an annual mid-November treat, will soar across the night sky Tuesday and ...

Leonids Over Monument Valley
Space Fellowship
At that time, Earth was moving through a particularly dense swarm of sand-sized debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle, so that meteor rates approached ...

Minnesotans Look To The Skies For The Annual Leonid Meteor Shower
Willmar Radio
(Minneapolis, MN) -- Sky-gazers will get up before dawn Tuesday and Wednesday to watch meteors light the sky. The annual Leonid meteor shower ...

Meteor fireball filmed over Winnipeg, Canada
Signs of the Times
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Fireball 1625 Local 13NOV2015 Posted to YouTube by Larry Gundrum 3 views Thank you Larry Gundrum for the email ...

Meteor fireball disintegrates over Sri Lanka - November 13, 2015
Signs of the Times
Meteor fireball disintegrates over Sri Lanka - November 13, 2015. Astronomy Center Youtube Sun, 15 Nov 2015 19:03 UTC. Map. © Astronomy Center.

Asteroid buzzed Earth this weekend, hours after discovery
... very small asteroid, and if it had entered our atmosphere, most of it would have disintegrated due to air friction, causing quite an impressive meteor.

Leonid meteor shower peaks tonight: How, where to watch it in Dubai
Emirates 24|7
UAE skywatchers are in a for a treat tonight as the ongoing Leonid Meteor Shower peaks around midnight of November 16, producing a modest 10 to ...

Spectacular Leonid meteor shower to peak this week as shooting stars hit our atmosphere at ...
A stunning meteor shower is set to peak in the skies above the UK this week giving observers a chance to see up to 15 shooting stars each hour.

Leonid Meteor Shower 2015: How To Watch This Year's Show
Huffington Post
The Leonid meteor shower has sometimes turned into a severe storm, giving off an even more incredible display, but it's not expected to do so this ...

Leonid meteor shower
Bob Moler's Ephemeris Blog - WordPress.com
Posts about Leonid meteor shower written by bob moler.

The Leonids meteor shower to peak Tuesday night into Wednesday morning
NYC Today
The Leonids meteor shower peak is expected from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. The meteor shower, which is already in progress, ...

A Blazing Fireball between the Orion Nebula and Rigel
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Nasa
Explanation: What's happening to that meteor? A few days ago, a bright fireball was photographed from the Alps mountain range in Switzerland as it ...

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