04 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04NOV2015

Thailand Bolide Fireball Meteor 02NOV2015 w/ Videos
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Thailand Bolide Fireball Meteor 02NOV2015 w/ Videos. Thailand Bolide Fireball MeteorApprx. 1640 local / 02NOV2015 Khun H̄nū get the Thai ...

Search on for debris from 'green fireball' meteor -Thailand
The Nation
"It's possible that some parts of the meteor might have fallen onto the Earth's surface," said Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, executive director of the ...

Dashboard camera captures stunning meteor blazing across night sky
Featured on AOL
Dashboard cameras captured a meteor crossing the night sky in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday evening.

Is it possible that meteor could strike a commercial airliner?
Aviation StackExchange - Stack Exchange
A meteorite could hit an airplane, sure. There's no known cases of it happening because meteorites which survive re-entry are very rare, and airplanes ...

Another Huge Fireball Explosion Over Bangkok Re-Awakens Fears Of Asteroid Apocalypse...
- The Inquisitr

Huge fireball lights up sky over Bangkok
A bright fireball lit up the night sky above the Thai capital on Monday. A bright blue light could be seen briefly over several parts of Thailand.

Video: Halloween fireball meteors blaze through sky
Belfast Telegraph
The green fireballs, believed to be burning meteors, shot across the night sky, a sight seen from a number of areas across Thailand and Poland.

Bright green shooting star / meteor, Bangkok, Thailand, 2 Nov 2015
(Nov. 2) at approximately 20:39 am. People in many provinces of Thailand. The beam is a fireball sightings strange blue green algae. Orange has a ...

Watch: Meteor streaks across sky in Thailand
If you see fireballs streaking across the night sky this week, don't panic: It's just the annual visit from the Taurid meteor shower. The Wall Street Journal ...

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Meteor Streaks Through The Sky
BANGKOK, Thailand -- A spectacular event caught on camera in Thailand. Two car dashboard cameras were rolling when a meteorstreaked through ...

Incredible Green Meteor Caught on Camera
ABC News - Go.com
Incredible footage has emerged showing a "fireball meteor" dashing through the sky in Thailand's capital of Bangkok Monday evening.

Taurids meteor shower could be good show this year
Orlando Sentinel
There's a chance early November will be filled with what stargazers often call Halloween Fireballs as the Earth moves through the annual Taurids ...

Thailand: Video captures burning meteor as it lights up the sky
International Business Times UK
A dashcam in eastern Chonburi province, Thailand, captured a green fireball, believed to be a burning meteor, shoot across the night sky on Monday ...

Taurid meteor shower 2015: Watch belated 'Halloween fireballs'
International Business Times UK
The annual Taurid meteor shower is set to peak this week in a display of shooting stars and fireballs across the night sky. Although they are not the ...

CubeSats to an asteroid
phys.org- November 3, 2015
The five CubeSat concepts to be studied to accompany ESA's proposed Asteroid Impact Mission into deep space have been selected.
The ideas being looked at include taking a close-up look at the composition of the asteroid surface, ...

Mystery Object to Reenter Earth's Atmosphere
David Dickinson - Sky & Telescope- November 3, 2015
WT1190F will burn up over the Indian Ocean on November 13th, giving researchers an unprecedented opportunity to follow its path - and figure out where it came from. ...

Very Bright Fireball Over Europe Saturday Night
By Phil Plait- November 1, 2015
Saturday night (Halloween) at around 19:00 local time, a smallish bit of cosmic debris entered Earth's atmosphere and burned up over central Europe. It was very bright, and because it happened in the early evening, a lot of people saw it. Twitter was lit up with reports. ...

Dating Meteor Impacts Requires More Data
NASA Astrobiology
Dating Meteor Impacts Requires More Data. NAI Research Highlights. Today / Posted by: Miki Huynh. Lunar zircon brought back by astronauts from ...

نيزك ضخم يضىء سماء بانكوك ليلا...في 15 ثانية
مقطع فيديو لنيزك ضخم يظهر في سماء العاصمة التايلاندية بانكوك ليلا.

Radar Images Provide New Details on Halloween Asteroid
The highest-resolution images of asteroid 2015 TB145 yield new information about surface features.

At what altitude does a meteor burn up, or 'did I see this meteor'?
Last night I was in an aeroplane, above the Mediterranean, south of Greece, approx 20E longitude at 36000ft. I saw the most impressive meteor I...

Brilliant Fireball Meteor Over Thailand Captured On Camera
Huffington Post
The object, which was a brilliant green, was spotted over Bangkok on Monday night. Several motorists captured video of the eye-catching ...

Be Alert for Taurid Fireballs This Week
Sky & Telescope
If you see a really bright autumn fireball, it might be a Taurid meteor— a fragment of Comet 2P/Encke. The Taurid meteors of October and November ...


Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
November 4 at 6:22am
[1511.00464] On the frequency of the superfireballs: more than 150 years of reports

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