03 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03NOV2015

Fireball Over Bangkok Skies Shocks Drivers
ABC News
Fireball Over Bangkok Skies Shocks Drivers. More. The streak of light is believed to be part of a meteor shower that's peaking in the next few days.

Incredible Green 'Fireball Meteor' in Thailand Caught on Camera
ABC News
Incredible footage has emerged showing a "fireball meteor" dashing through the sky in Thailand's capital of Bangkok Monday evening. The Thai ...

Thailand dashcam video captures the moment a glowing meteor flashes across the sky
Daily Mail
The meteor, which appeared to plummet towards earth, could be seen from a number of places in the country, including Bangkok at around 8.35pm ...

Giant Fireball Meteor Lights Up Bangkok Thailand Sky 02/11/2015
Watch giant fireball meteor stun drivers by turning night into day over Bangkok skyline Shooting Star? Meteor lights up Thailand sky Halloween ...

Meteor Streaks Across Night Sky in Thailand
Yahoo Finance
... Night Sky in Thailand on Yahoo Finance . Dashboard cameras captured a meteor crossing the night sky in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday evening.

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