10 July 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10JUL2014 - Delayed Post

MBIQ Detects Australia Meteor 10JUL2014
Portal to the Universe
MBIQ Detects Australia Meteor 10JUL2014 - unconfirmed. Check your security cameras! Please file your meteor sightings please HERE-

Meteor over central naw
YouTube ⋅ 00:55
Meteor over central naw ... Meteor Explodes Over Central Russia Triggering Destructive Sonic Blast - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson by americanhindi ...

How citizen scientists can help to track down fragments ofmeteorites are landing in the Nullarbor ...
By extending the trajectory backwards, we can estimate from where in the solar system the meteorite originated, gaining important information about ...

'Meteor' streaks across night sky
The Age
A meteorite apparently lit up the sky on Thursday night, with reports of a "massive shooting star” flooding in from Victoria and New South Wales.

Meteor flies across Melbourne skyline Part one
YouTube ⋅ 00:30
A large white object with a long tail flys across Melbourne city.

Melbourne meteor part 2
YouTube ⋅ 00:38
Watched this meteor for about a minute as it passed my apartment. Was sure there was going to be an impact.

Interested in learning more about meteorites? Check out this workshop
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald
The event speaker will be Richard Pugh, a renowned meteorite scientist. He will bring $10,000 worth of meteorites, which guests are invited to pick up ...

PERSPECTIVE: studying the solar system from our (big) backyard
Science Network Western Australia
A big fireball will sometimes result in a piece of rock which can make it all the way through the atmosphere and land on the earth as a meteorite.

Talisman made from 9,000 year-old METEORITE found inside a prehistoric shaman's hut
Daily Mail - 12 hours
Researchers in Poland have found a prehistoric meteorite (shown) in a hut. The 9,000 year-old object was believed to belong to a stone-age .

The Bristol Post commented Scientists recreate conditions on Mars - in the middle of Bristol
This is Bristol - 13 hours
NASA scientists have discovered the quietest place in the UK - in Bristol. Boffins found a tiny lab at the city's university produced the ...

Planet Mercury a result of early hit-and-run collisions
SpaceDaily - 12 hours
New simulations show that Mercury and other unusually metal-rich objects in the solar system may be relics left behind by hit-and-run ...

Possible meteor spotted over Southern Manitoba
Signs of the Times
Well we think what happened is a little asteroid or a big version of a meteor came into the atmosphere somewhere over Central Manitoba, and ...

Possible Meteor Spotted Over Southern Manitoba
Well we think what happened is a little asteroid or a big version of a meteor came into the atmosphere somewhere over Central Manitoba, and ...

Meteor did not cause Catalan quake: Experts
The Local.es
The IGC said if there had been a meteorite strike, the light show would have been so spectacular and long-lasting that the noise and the earthquake ...

Meteor Flies Over Spain July 9, 2014 -- FAKED VIDEO!!!
Disclose.tv ⋅ 01:19
Meteor Flies Over Spain July 9, 2014. tanatox2012redux; uploaded: Jul 9, 2014; Hits: 1. Description: Meteor Flies Over Spain July 9, 2014. Tags:.

Huge meteor! Who else saw it? Heading west over north of Melbourne.
Having never seen a meteor before, I must say it seemed a bit deceiving - I thought it .... That wasn't a meteor, that was Tony Abbott's approval rating.

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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