12 July 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12JUL2014 - Delayed Post

Locals bring samples to meteorite presentation, but none came from space
Hermiston Herald
Portland State University meteoriticist Dick Pugh speculates the Blue Mountains are home tometeorites, some worth more than gold. Scientists are still ...

Meteor: 'space junk' lights up Australian skies
Video - Sydney Morning Herald
Meteor: 'space junk' lights up Australian skies (00:41). Shocked Australians believed they were witnessing a plane explosion as a bright light lit the ...

Meteor lights up the sky from NSW to Hobart
ABC Science Online
A number of pilots flying in that air space certainly reported it to a number of our air traffic controllers that it was just a spectacular sight of a meteorite ...

Australian 'meteorite' most likely part of Russian satellite
The Guardian
Sydney observatory astronomer Melissa Hulbert says what was believed to be a meteorite was more likely part of a Russian satellite launched from ...

Dresden meteorite came to Earth 75 years ago
London Free Press - 23 hours
Seventy-five years ago, Hazel Solomon was weeding her garden when a ball of fire came screaming out of the sky and slammed into her husband’s ...

‘Meteorite’ may be Russian space junk
Daily Telegraph - 22 hours
UPDATE: A BRIGHT object witnessed by thousands as it streaked across Australian skies last night was most likely part of a Russian weather ...

Bright meteor over Australia likely a Soyuz rocket reentry
The bright meteor over Australia on July 10 was probably the reentry of the upper state of a Soyuz rocket, launched two days earlier. See video here.

Space junk soars over Bendigo
Bendigo Advertiser
The Bureau of Meteorology received many reports of the light show over Bendigo just before 10pm - with callers saying they had sighted a meteor.

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