08 July 2014

MBIQ Detects India / Bangladesh Meteor 07JUL2014

MBIQ Detects India / Bangladesh Meteor 07JUL2014 - Sonics Reported!
Mizoram, India Meteor 07JUL2014
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Initial Meteor Reports-

08JUL2014 David Lr Fanai Mizoram,INDIA 8pm 10-20sec Direction in west White and green Same as ligthning There parts falling of western country Yes! I have a photo

Faka Tlangte (@Faka_Tlangte)
08/07/14 3:48
Very bright flashing object seen shooting over skies of #Mizoram (northeast,india) followed by blasting sound in few secs! Meteorite reports? -from Twitter feed

MBIQ Data Set-
237 Hits 47.40% traffic source --India
64 Hits 12.80% Aizawl Mizoram, India
55 Hits 11.00% (unknown city) India
40 Hits 8.00% Kolkata West Bengal, India
19 Hits 3.80% Kumar Himachal Pradesh, India
13 Hits 2.60% (unknown city) West Bengal, India
13 Hits 2.60% Delhi India
 9 Hits 1.80% Chennai Tamil Nadu, India
 8 Hits 1.60% Kundan Jammu And Kashmir, India
 7 Hits 1.40% Agartala Tripura, India
 6 Hits 1.20% Mumbai Maharashtra, India
 5 Hits 1.00% Bangalore Karnataka, India
 4 Hits 0.80% Pune Maharashtra, India
 4 Hits 0.80% Guwahati Assam, India
 3 Hits 0.60% Poona Maharashtra, India
 2 Hits 0.40% Siliguri West Bengal, India
 2 Hits 0.40% Imphal Manipur, India
 2 Hits 0.40% Krishnagar West Bengal, India
 2 Hits 0.40% Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, India
 2 Hits 0.40% New Delhi Delhi, India
 2 Hits 0.40% Gurgaon Haryana, India
8 Jul 03:07:03
Kumar,Himachal Pradesh,
India Airtel (110.224.231.xxx) [Label IP Address]
 www.google.co.in — Meteorites explosion on 7th July 2014 

8 Jul 03:49:39
Alwar, Rajasthan, 
India Idea Cellular (112.110.63.xx) [Label IP Address]
 www.google.com — meteors fall in north east in 7th july 2014

News Report-
The Indian Express-

Newspaper Report-  English Translation-
translation from a local Indian newspaper -
"July 7:tonight at around 7:35-9 p.m a type of meteor know as the Lyrids meteor was sighted over Mizoram. The ones who witnessed this were amazed and shocked, some claimed that it was a UFO. This meteor was visible from Kawnpui, Aizawl, Pangzawl, Thenzawl, Lunglei, Lungsen,Lungrang and Tlabung and also from Tripura. It is said that this meteor exploded over Bangladesh with a loud bang. The people of Tuichawng and Tlabung on hearing this loud explosion were very amazed. A lot of people who witnessed this meteor posted a lot of feeds on Facebook stating their own theories and experience witnessing the meteor."

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