11 June 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11JUN2014

How Scientists Chased a New Meteor Shower from the Sky
Skimming 20,000 feet (6,096 meters) above the ground, a group of scientists led by the SETI Institute's Peter Jenniskens spotted at least a dozen ...

Moon and Mars rock treats for Devizes pupils
This Is Wiltshire
The council also lent the school a 1.2 billion year-old piece of Mars and a 4.3 billion year-old nickel meteorite. To round off the week the school had an ...

Meteor Explosion over Victoria Australia May 29th 2014
YouTube ⋅ 08:30
Meteor Explosion/ Mystery Boom over Victoria Australia http://www.abc.net.au/local/audio/2014/05/29/4014876.htm ...

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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