21 June 2014

MO IL IA Meteor 21JUN2014

Missouri, Illinois, Iowa  Meteor  Approx. 0445 21JUN2014
12 meteor sighting reports
Missouri, Illinois, Iowa Meteor  Approx. 0445 21JUN2014
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Initial Reports-
21JUN2014 Gordon Auxvasse, MO USA 0447 Central DST AM 3 seconds United States, Northern sky, travel NW to NE, left to right facing North large bright white, sort of slow bright moon no parts falling but it had a trail slower gentle fall

21JUN2014 Dennis Hammer Litchfield, IL USA 4:45 am Central Standard Perhaps 2 - 5 seconds started southwest from Edwardsville, il to northeast over Taylorville, IL - facing north bright blue & white large trail accross sky very large before it burned out - I did not hear anything very bright blue & white did not see any but it surprised me had a very long whitish trail across the sky

All 12 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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