08 November 2010

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Monroe, Ohio 8NOV2010
"I cannot believe the Bolide that I saw this morning at 4:20 or 4:25AM, I was outside 
sitting on my daughters deck drinking coffee in the cold,(waiting to go hunting) when looking south. The bigest, brighest  "slow moving" meteor I have ever seen came out of the western 
sky and headed south east. I was in Monroe Ohio, which is between Cincinnati and Dayton. It came in very low in the sky! with sparks trailing.  As it was 10 to 15 degrees above the Horizon there was a Very Bright Flash that lit up the sky and it looked like the front or bottom blew out as it fragmented.
  At this Time it entered the city sky light of west Chester, Ohio which is directly south of Monroe, and I lost sight of it complety. This is the 1st one like this I have ever seen and will never forget it. It was far enough away that I heard no sound.
  There must be alot people traveling south on I-75 and I-71 who saw this, so we 
should hear more reports today.
  Also, I now see why some people think there seeing a jet on fire, It was moving 
at the speed you would think a jet would. MY 1ST, WAY TOO COOL!" - DAVE M. (contact info)

Georgia 7NOV2010 (georgia/ south carolina border)

"I saw a white fireball in the sky on Sun Nov 8, 2010.  It was approximately 7:35 pm eastern standard time. The light was at the georgia/ south carolina border. I was traveling south on I-95, at first  I thought it was a plane crashing, but there was no explosion. I guess it was a meteor. It lasted only about 10 seconds, It was a little scary though."
--Tzana (contact info on file)

Sault Ste Marie 7NOV2010
Guest513 (guest): "In Sault Ste Marie,Ontario I saw a bright object moving Quickly across the eastern sky at 6:40 PM,EST on Nov 7, 2010. It was travelling in a north to south direction." (no name or contact info)

Stevens Point, WI 7NOV2010
Guest938 (guest): "i saw a meteorite about 7 pm central sunday Nov 7 time right outside of stevens point wi heading what looked like north to south west" (no name or contact info)

Phoenix, AZ 7NOV2010
Guest8 (guest): "In Phoenix AZ my mom was sitting on her patio at 6:30 pm. She came running in the apartment and said she just saw the largest light fly across the sky. She said it came from the southwest and moved toward the northeast. It was so large and falling so fast she thought a plane was crashing. After it fell behind the trees, she was expecting to hear an explosion as she really thought it was a plane crashing. It is interesting there is so many sightings of this at around the same time from all over, from TN 2 az" (no name or contact info)

Georgia, USA 7NOV2010
"Anonymous said...
(no contact info or name)

LaVergne, TN 7NOV2010
"My wife texted me at work and said she saw either a meteor or a plane crash while plugging in our christmas lights also and she said she saw a ball of fire fall from the sky from about northwest to east at about 7:30 pm central time today (November 7, 2010). So I was on google for about 2 hours before I found your post. We live in LaVergne, TN about 15 minutes south of Nashville." -- Douglas (contact info)

Knoxville, TN 7NOV2010
hullaballoEarlier today, I heard a "pop" like a distant un shot. Was not in a part of the house where I could see outside.Moments later my wife asked if I saw the bright flash and heard the pop. She asked me if it could have been a meteor. This occured in Knoxville, TN. Any otehr reports of activity????

Missiauga, Ontario , Canada 7NOV2010
Guest314 (guest)we saw a meteor tonight, missiauga, ontario , canada in the northern sky at around 6:30 pm

Kingman AZ Meteor? 7NOV2010 
"I live in Kingman, AZ.  I went outside to look at my Husband`s christmas lights he was turning them on for the full impact.  I looked up in the sky and saw something like a falling star or meteor it was moving from the north falling down towards the east it was the largest thing I have seen and it seemed pretty slow although it was moving pretty fast.
  It was 11/07/10 at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening.  It wasn`t totally dark so it was pretty easy to see it."
Marie (contact info)

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nov 7,2010 between the hours of 6:30&7p.m my friend i where coming home & we saw a meteor we thought it was a plane falling from the sky it was a bright light and it fell downward from the sky i started to scream because i thought it was a plane...my friend call 911..