23 April 2010

Wisconsin !st Grade Student Finds Meteorite!

MyFox Chicago
First Grader Finds Pieces of Meteor on Playground

MyFox Chicago
Chicago - Terry Boudreaux found the first pieces of the meteor that lit up the Midwestern sky last week, an event that had meteor hunters scouring Wisconsin ...

NBC CH15 Video about 1st Grader Finding Meteorite:

Background Story about TWO Student`s Meteorite Finds
by Mike Farmer, Meteorite Hunter
After Terry Boudreaux and I gave a two hour presentation to more than 500 kids at the Grant-Iowa County school yesterday, we asked all the kids who was going to hunt for meteorites during recess. Of course all the children screamed and raised their hands. Minutes later, while news crews were shooting footage and doing interviews with us in the schoolyard, a 6 year old boy screamed he found a meteorite, which was a beautiful and perfect 100% crusted ~40 gram stone.

The school went crazy and another stone was found by a young girl a little while later. It was amazing to speak to the school, and every child there saw or heard the meteorite go overhead. I think that all these kids will be searching for meteorites now. The 8th-grade science teacher at the school told me he dropped his teaching plans for the next week and has moved his classes into researching meteorites on the net and doing reports on meteorites and meteorite falls. He was so happy at all of this and said that the children are so excited to come to class since the fall last week and did not want to talk about anything but the meteorite anyway so he went with it. I was mobbed by kids wanting to talk about my trips to Africa and how to find meteorites, so I think a few old falls may turn up on the farms from all this.

To bridge the gap between meteorite dealers and scientific institutions, I presented one of the stones I found as a gift to the Field Museum for the meteorite collection.

Michael Farmer

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