18 April 2010

meteor/meteorite news 17APR10

UW-Madison professor looking for meteor pieces

Journal Times
The appearance of a meteorite over southern Wisconsin on Wednesday night excited a lot of conversation and now University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists ...

Meteor Crater Becomes Outdoor Classroom 4/17/10

Odessa, TX - The Odessa Meteor Crater is nationally recognized as a great source for learning about history, dating back 63000 years, and today a Dallas ...

Meteor Fragment Lands in a Farmer's Shed Roof

Daily Contributor
A fragment of the meteor that burst into a fireball over the night sky of Wisconsin last Wednesday, April 14, landed in the roof of the shed of a farmer ...

Farmer Discovers Meteor Fragment From Fireball Over Wisconsin ...

By Janet Shan
A small chunk of rock believed to be a fragment from a meteor that burst into a stunning fireball over Wisconsin Wednesday night was discovered by a farmer after it fell on the roof of his shed. The meteor fragment is peppered with gray ...

Meteorite hunters flock to southwest Wisconsin

The meteor blasted thru the earth's atmosphere Wednesday night at 36000 miles per hour -- a magnetic fireball that overpowered the bright lights of ...

Small Town Benefit From Meteor Search

WISC Madison
The meteorite rush is breathing a bit more life into the economy, but it's not without frustrations for some in the area. The community isn't exactly a top ...

Video: Scientists Find Potential Meteorite
CBS News Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:14 PM PDT
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin are examining a possible fragment from a meteor that was visible from Wisconsin to Iowa. It weighs about a third of a pound and is the size of a peanut.

Oldest Martian Meteorite Not as Old as Thought
Wired News Sat, 17 Apr 2010 12:33 PM PDT
The oldest Martian meteorite on Earth -- the famous Allan Hills meteorite, which was once thought to contain evidence of ancient life on the Red Planet -- received a new, more recent birth date, courtesy of University of Houston scientists....

Meteorite Hunters Flock To Village Of Livingston
WISC-TV Madison Sat, 17 Apr 2010 09:49 AM PDT
Meteorite hunters are searching the area for fragments from the meteor that lit up Midwestern skies Wednesday night.

Meteorite hunters back in Wis. fields looking for 'treasure'
WGN Radio Chicago Sat, 17 Apr 2010 08:48 AM PDT
LIVINGSTON, WISC. -- Treasure hunters took to the fields at sunrise Saturday, canvassing miles of open farmland in southwestern Wisconsin for fragments of a meteorite that crashed Wednesday night....

Meteorite hunters seek 'treasure' in Wisconsin
Chicago Tribune Sat, 17 Apr 2010 08:29 AM PDT
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Wisconsin Farmer Found Meteorite Fragment
Pravda Ru Sat, 17 Apr 2010 03:38 AM PDT
A small chunk of rock believed to be a fragment from a meteor that burst into a stunning fireball over Wisconsin Wednesday night was discovered by a farmer after it fell on the roof of his shed....

Meteorites in Them Thar Fields
The Tuscaloosa News Sat, 17 Apr 2010 02:38 AM PDT
EMMA GRAVES FITZSIMMONS Meteorite hunters headed to Wisconsin after a meteorite shower lighted the sky in several Midwestern states....

Meteorite hunters scour southwestern Wisconsin
Denver Post Sat, 17 Apr 2010 00:22 AM PDT
On the first day, there was light. On the third day, land strewn with meteorites.

After the fireball come the meteorite hunters
Los Angeles Times Sat, 17 Apr 2010 00:19 AM PDT
Collectors descend on a rural area of Wisconsin, looking for pieces of the meteor that streaked across the Midwestern sky Wednesday night. Following a fireball that lit up the night sky and a sonic boom that rattled houses over the Midwest, another phenomenon is arriving in southwestern Wisconsin: meteorite hunters....

Recovery of meteor pieces reported in Wis.
Chicago Tribune Fri, 16 Apr 2010 20:29 PM PDT
A Chicago-area man and his two sons report the first recovery of a meteorite from the fireball that the night sky over much of the northern Midwest on Wednesday. As dozens of meteorite hunters converged on southwest Wisconsin on Friday, a Lake Forest man and his two teenage sons stumbled upon what all of them had traveled hours to find.

Wisconsin researchers studying meteorite that crossed Iowa sky

Radio Iowa
Meteorite hunters descended on southwestern Wisconsin, where the meteor landed. Officials in the Geoscience Department at the University of Wisconsin in ...

Astro Bob blog: More meteorites, a monster ash plume and an orbiting duet

Duluth News Tribune
As meteorite hunters descend into southern Wisconsin like so many bees drawn to nectar, we'll soon have news if more than a couple of meteorites will be ...

Was the giant fireball a meteor or something else? (video)

Many say it was a large meteor because a meteor shower was in the area at the time. Many people that called into local radio stations called it a “fireball. ...

Bright meteor streaks across Southern California Deserts

Another meteor was seen by an astronomer near Joshua Tree National Park earlier this morning. It is unclear whether or not this belongs to the same group ...

Wisconsin's brush with Meteorites

ABH News
Here we would mention that a meteorite is a fragment of a large meteor (a rock from outer space) that orbits the sun like the planets of the solar system ...

Wisconsin Inhabitant Locates Rock Believed to be Part of Meteor

TopNews United States
Scientists say that a visible part from a meteor that lighted up Midwestern skies this week has been recovered in southwestern region of Wisconsin. ...

Wisconsin man: Meteor fragment hit my roof

Chicago Sun-Times
MILWAUKEE -- A southwestern Wisconsin man has apparently recovered a fragment from the meteor that lit up Midwestern skies earlier this week. ...

Martian meteorites may help "refine the history of Mars"

American scientists have shed new light on the evolution of Mars by studying Martian meteorites. The findings of the study, conducted by Thomas Lapen, ...
Hunting for Meteorites

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter By Becky Ogann DUBUQUE - A Curator from the Field Museum in Chicago is leading the hunt to find meteorites in Wisconsin. ...

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