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04 July 2009

Arizona Meteorite News- Jack Schrader Finds Meteorite from 23JUN Bolide 4JUL09

Jack Schrader, Sierra Vista, AZ writes,
"I have a very important announcement to make and one I am sure everyone will
be very excited about. Most of you have already heard the news about the
fireball which was sighted over Southern Arizona at 9:22 pm on the evening
of Tuesday June 23. I would like to announce that I have recovered
material from this fall. I recovered a 155.6 gram stone at 6:20 pm on
Thursday, June 25, which is 44 hours and 58 minutes after the fireball was
sighted. Fortunately the material recovered was recovered in an absolutely
pristine state as the area had no monsoon season rainfall previous to my
discovery. I was able to very quickly zero in on the area with the help of
numerous phone calls and eyewitness reports which were all thoroughly
investigated with follow up visits. With GPS, compass and notepad in hand,
I put well over 300 miles on my vehicle in less than two days. The area
people were extremely excited about this event and more than willing
to offer whatever information they had about the sighting. I was born and
raised in this part of Arizona and my intimate knowledge of the country, the
terrain, the trails and back roads has proved invaluable in my search."

Photo of the meteorite:

Photos of search area:

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