04 June 2020

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04JUN2020

Mid-Air Explosion by Meteor Bolide Over the US Turns Night into Day [WATCH VIDEO]
International Business Times, Singapore Edition
Several eyewitnesses noted that the fireball produced a loud thunder-like sound as it streaked across the sky. When it exploded, it created a louder ...

Asteroid to make close approach to Earth this weekend
KATC Lafayette News
In 2013, a 60-meter-wide meteor entered the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia. The resulting airblast caused a number of injuries due to broken ...

Asteroid bigger than Empire State building to fly past Earth on June 6
Uttarakhand News Network
On May 21, too, a 1.5 km large meteorite had passed very close to the Earth. Scientists say that this asteroid is not likely to collide with the earth, but it ...

NASA warns about 'potentially dangerous' asteroid approaching Earth
This meteorite body is larger than the Empire State Building of America. Its possible length is 250-570 m and width is 135 m. On May 21, too, a 1.5 km ...

Scientists Now Identified the Mysterious Insterstellar 'Oumuamua' Found in Hawaii and It's Not ...
Science Times
This finding implies that there could be other dark hydrogen icebergs hidden in the galaxy where it can be made. Read Also: Boom! Suspected Meteor ...

Anomalous Meteor Head Echoes Detected by the MU Radar (PDF 65 pages)
DiVA portal
This study have identified and analysed anomalous meteor head echos detected by the MU Radar, as well as reproduced an interference anomaly ...

The dinosaur killing asteroid hit the Earth at the most devastating possible angle
Universe Today
... possible bad day, as a giant meteor came crashing down to the surface of our planet, unleashing an inferno followed by decades of nuclear winter.

Oural : une nouvelle méthode pour traquer les chutes de météorites
Le Courrier de Russie
... espagnols et finlandais, a mis au point une méthode permettant de prévoir et de détecter les impacts de météorites avec une plus grande précision,.

Digital Earth: Meteor Craters
Colorado Parent
Tour some of the biggest meteor craters on Earth with guides Ka Chun Yu, geologist Bob Raynolds, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Exploring what the surface of the moon is like with a fun science demonstration
(Mass Appeal) – Ever wonder about the craters that result from meteorites ... very similar to what happens when a meteorite hits the earth's surface.

El meteorito que se usó como yunque
La Razón
Foto: Howardites Meteorites. Uno de estos meteoritos metálicos multiusos cayó en tiempos prehistóricos cerca del actual pueblo de Gibeon, ...
Question 3 (20 Points) A Typical Meteor That Hits
Answer to Question 3 (20 points) A typical meteor that hits the earth's upper atmosphere has a mass of only 2.0 g, about the same ...

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites into space days after first manned flight
The Sun
"This might completely deny us to do any optical meteor observations as soon as 2024." Never one to take something lying down, Musk has lashed back ... (LMH- Note: This will clutter the night sky more but not "deny us to do any optical meteor observations".)

2020 The SEVENTH Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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