05 June 2020

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05JUN2020

Monday's fireball… What caused the light and the sound?
WTAJ - www.wearecentralpa.com
... as to the cause of this event, but the American Meteor Society helped to confirm that what was seen was a bright meteor, also known as a fireball.

Enorme palla di fuoco ha illuminato la notte poco fa: tantissime segnalazioni – VIDEO di quanto è ...
Centro Meteo Italiano
Ennesima palla di fuoco avvistata in cielo, un'intensa luce bianca solca il cielo delle Isole Canarie: ecc cos'è successo. Il meteorite si è schiantato ...

Stadium-sized asteroid set to whiz past Earth, NASA says
Fox News
When it enters Earth's atmosphere, it becomes a meteor, fireball or shooting star. The pieces of rock that hit the ground, valuable to collectors, are ...

NASA Asteroid 2002 NN4: Space rock to zoom past Earth THIS WEEKEND
... orbit intersection distance (MOID) of 0.05 au or less are considered PHAs.” READ MORE: Fireball shock: Watch as meteor burns bright over Florida.

Asteroid will buzz, miss Earth - unlike meteor
Palestine Herald Press
That's typically a couple times bigger than the normal influx of meteorites that create these fireballs,” he said in an interview on NASA TV. “These ...

Dinosaurs Were Hit By Asteroid at the Deadliest Possible Angle
Tech Life
The computer simulations helped researchers determine the impact angle and direction of the incoming meteor. The new models are the first 3D ...

Analysis of Ionospheric Disturbances Caused by the 2018 Bering Sea Meteor Explosion Based on ...
Recent studies show that meteor explosions can produce sound waves, gravity waves, seismic waves, etc., which can propagate into the ionosphere, ...

Scientists from Russia found out how the Solar system formed iron meteorites
The Times Hub
Scientists from Russia conducted a research, which established how the Solar system formed iron meteorites. Part of celestial bodies was formed not ...

Un morceau de ciel sur le Luberon
La Provence
... et d'où proviennent la majeure partie des météorites retrouvées sur Terre. ... sublimé dans l'atmosphère... et qu'une petite météorite ait atteint le sol !

Bolide Meteor Turns Night Into Day In New Fireball Video [WATCH]
Brinkwire (press release)
Based on a video captured by one of the eyewitnesses, the meteor produced a powerful explosion that was bright enough to turn night into day for a ...

Troben restes d'un meteorit caigut a prop de Sabadell el 1704
Diari de Sabadell
L'article, titulat The Meteorite de Barcelona: history, discovery and classification, també recopila una vintena de documents històrics. Gravat de Josep ...

Are there octopus-like creatures on Jupiter's moon?
Daily Times
Monica Grady CBE (who is a professor of Planetary and Space Science at the Open University, and author of several books on meteorites as well as ...

Un météore tombé du ciel à une vitesse de 60 000 km/h
La Provence
D'après les vidéos et les calculs, ce météorite venait de la ceinture principale d'astéroïdes, située entre Mars et Jupiter. L'étoile filante a atterri dans le ...

Green fireball meteor
To be considered a fireball, the meteor must be at least as bright as Venus. The speculation about what the green fireballs were ran through the usual ...

"ryūsei is it a star or meteor ? " mean? - Question about Japanese
流星 ryusei is a meteor, shooting star. |A shooting star.

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