26 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 26JUN2017

Scientists collect fresh meteorites fallen in Sudan's White Nile State
Sudan Tribune
... of Mineral, Osman Abu Aqla, said the team collected some fragments of the meteor in Alabbasiya area of Kosti locality in the State of the White Nile.

وزارة المعادن بالسودان تتحصل على شظايا نيزك سقط جنوبي البلاد
Africa News
الخرطوم 25 يونيو 2017 قالت وزارة المعادن بالسودان، الأحد، إنها تمكنت من الحصول على شظايا نيزك سقط هذا الأسبوع بمنطقة نائية بولاية النيل الأبيض جنوبي ...

Meteor Streaks Over South Florida Night Sky
CBS Miami - CBS Local
Meteor Streaks Over South Florida Night Sky.

Experts Warn Dangers Of Earth Getting Struck By Asteroids Ahead Of Asteroid Day On June 30
Science Times
The researchers mentioned that an undiscovered branch of the Taurid meteor shower could produce hundreds of asteroids which are dozens of ...

meteor shower surveys
Vox Charta
Recent works have shown the importance of choosing a low similarity threshold value of meteoroid orbits, some pointing out that the recent meteor ...

meteor networks
meteor networks. ASGARD Web Log - NASAs All Sky Fireball Network Warped meteor showers hit Earth at all angles March 8, 2017

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