25 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25JUN2017

Small Asteroid Enters Over Russia Likely Meteorites w
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - blogger
В Домодедово упал метеорит Сергей Барыбино 3,393 views According to the video information provided by the viewer to the

Meteor shower from Moon's "debris"
Astronomy Stack Exchange
Did we ever witness a "meteor shower" which was actually dust or debris of some kind from our own Moon? the-moon meteor meteorite ...

A look at five biggest meteor crashes of all time
Economic Times
On September 28, 1969, a meteor exploded over the town of Murchison in Australia. The explosion left smoke rings in the air and left 700 kg of ...

Laser-targeting A.I. Yields More Mars Science
Artificial intelligence is changing how we study Mars.
A.I. software on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has helped it zap dozens of laser targets on the Red Planet this past year, becoming a frequent science tool when the ground team was out of contact with the spacecraft. This same software has proven useful enough that it's already scheduled for NASA's upcoming mission, Mars 2020....

Fail of the Week: Tracking Meteors with Weather Radio
The fact that meteor trails reflect radio signals is well-known; hams use “meteor bounce” to make long-distance contacts all the time. And using ...

Asteroid strike could destroy our cities , astrophysicist warns
The Nation
The meteor exploded above the Earth, leveling 80 million trees across an area of 800 square miles. China to send people to live on asteroids.

What IS this mystery object in the sky? Stargazers left baffled after 'red fireball' lights up the night ...
Daily Mail
A 'red fireball' that lit up Australian skies has left locals baffled and debating the mystery object. Several Perth residents reported the sighting on ...

Five Disturbing Scientific Developments
The Navhind Times
The third disturbing development is alert raised by astronomers who are studying meteor showers. They believe that not every meteorite which could ...

Perseid Meteor Shower
University of Waterloo
According to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, the Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year. Typical rates are about 80 ...

What's Up in July: Saturn, Jupiter and Venus among the highlights
Press Herald
The Southern Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower will peak during the morning of Sunday, July 30. The moon will be first quarter, which means that it will set ...

Perseid Meteor Shower Stargazing Evenings
The Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area proudly presents 'The Perseid Meteo rShower' Stargazing Evenings with Joe Gilker on August 11th ...

Events in 2017 2055-2017 KML
Fireball event
AMS received 3 reports about a fireball seen over São Paulo on Friday, June 23rd 2017 around 23:50 UT. D. Sound. 3 no. C. Sound. 3 no. Frag. 1 no.

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