30 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30JUN2017

Asteroid impact effects and their hazards for human populations
Rumpf, C.M., Lewis, H.G. and Atkinson, P.M., 2017. Asteroid impact effects and their immediate hazards for human populations.

Asteroid Day: Watch NASA Live Broadcast on How it is Defending Earth From a Space Collision
The object was technically a meteor—the name given to small rocks, or meteoroids, when they enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up—and caused ...

The terrifying simulation that reveals what happens when an asteroid hits Earth's atmosphere at ...
Daily Mail
While the chance of a devastating event like the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor blast may be rare, millions of objects are known to be floating through ...

The World is More Worried About Death by Asteroid Than Ever
The Chelyabinsk meteor event, in which a 20-meter asteroid hit Russia on February 15, 2013, was a major wake=up call for much of the world.

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUN2017
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - blogger
Asteroids Are Coming: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Forbes Most recently, on February 15, 2013, a 59-foot, 10,000-ton meteor moving at ...

4.5 billion-year-old meteorite found in back garden
Researchers at the Leiden's Naturalis Biodiversity Center announced on June 26th the discovery of a 500 gram (1 pound)meteorite that could help ...

4.5 billion-year-old meteorite found in back garden
A meteor that exploded over Russia's Ural mountains and sent fireballs blazing to earth has set off a rush to find fragments of the space rock which ...

Astronomical Research in Southern England'
... and the Universities Portsmouth, Southampton and Sussex will talk about topics such as Black Holes, Higgs Boson, meteor science, and more.

UW Planetarium Offers Plenty of Shows and Related Activities During July
University of Wyoming News
From constellations to meteor showers to visible planets, this program acts as a guide to these remarkable events and where to find them. -- “Gaia ...

Northern Michigan offers ample stargazing opportunities
Traverse City Record Eagle
This summer's docket features the Bootid, Delta Aquarid and Perseid meteor showers alongside various moon phases — including the Thunder Moon.

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