20 October 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20OCT2016

Meteorite fall reported at Peeremedu
India...The photos look odd to be a meteorite?

Mysterious meteor-like objects fall from the sky in Kerala, India
Strange Sounds
Mysterious meteor-like objects have fell from the sky near the city of Peerumade in the Indian state of Kerala on October 18, creating moments of ...

Meteorite fell on the ground at 35th Mile near Peerumedu, India?
...The mysterious object measured 1085 gms and is 8 cms wide and 5 cm long....

Huge 'meteor' plummets to earth leaving trail of fire in astonishing video
A flaming meteor-like object can be seen crashing to the ground leaving a trail of fire in this amazing footage. As the video begins, dusk is settling over ...

Huge 'meteor' plummets to earth over a pier in South Wales leaving trail of fire in it's wake
Huge 'meteor' plummets to earth over a pier in South Wales leaving trail of fire in it's wake Cameraman was videoing structure before he looked up ...

A flaming meteor-like object just plummeted from the sky above Cardiff
A flaming object - which could be a meteor from space - has been spotted plummeting from the sky and into the ocean off the South Wales coast....

Spectacular 'meteor' shoots across the night sky before plunging to Earth in South Wales
Daily Mail
Cameraman Mark James, from South Wales, has captured incredible footage of a meteor-like object quickly crashing to earth leaving a trail of smoke ...

Incredible video shows 'meteor' plunging to Earth over South Wales pier
The Sun
It appeared at dusk with a smokey tail of fire and dust following behind it. The object appears to be a meteor from outer space, but it has not yet been ...

Flaming meteor fireball seen over South Wales
Signs of the Times
A flaming object - which could be a meteor from space - has been spotted plummeting from the sky and into the ocean off the South Wales coast...

Halley On Fire! Orionids Peak This Week
The annual Orionid meteor shower is active all week, peaking Friday morning October 21st. If you're up before dawn, you might just see these Halley's ...

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Friday Morning
Astro Bob
The annual Orionid meteor comes round again this week, peaking on Friday morning the 21st. The meteors can appear appear anywhere in the sky ...

Orionid meteor shower filmed falling over Penarth Pier in south Wales
Although he didn't realise it at the time, he was witnessing the Orionid meteor shower, which happens when we pass through the orbit of Halley's ...

10 things you probably didn't know about shooting stars
Key 103 Manchester
This weekend we are set to see the peak of the Orionids, a meteor shower with up to 25 per hour. Here are 10 facts you probably didn't know about ...

Orionids 2016: A Poor Year for a Good Meteor Shower
A Perseid meteor streaks across the sky left of the hoodoo named Thor's Hammer early on August 13, 2016 in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Where and when to see the Orionid meteor shower in Michigan
The best place in Michigan to spot the Orionid meteor shower is the western Upper Peninsula and the extreme western edge of the Lower Peninsula, ...

See the Orionid meteor shower reach its peak in 2016
Coventry Telegraph
The Orionid meteor shower reaches its peak on Thursday, October 20 and and Friday, October 21 but they are visible until November 7. The best time ...

The Orionids meteor shower is about to hit its peak - here's how to watch
Right now, we're cruising through the tail of Halley's comet, and the result is one of the best sky-watching events of the year - the Orionid meteor ...

How, when and where to see the Orionid meteor shower
Evening Standard
The Orionid meteor shower 2016 will light up the sky this week – dazzling keen stargazer with an impressive display of shooting stars from Halley's ...

NASA Investigates Monstrous Meteor That Could Cause Total Annihilation Of Earth
Science World Report
Expert researchers and scientists from NASA are making use of powerful telescopes to investigate the massive meteor that could wipe off the face of ...

Meteor Crater
Meteor Crater, Winslow: See 2118 reviews, articles, and 1004 photos of Meteor Crater, ranked No.2 on TripAdvisor among 12 attractions in Winslow.

Touching a Meteor
National Geographic Channel
Touching a Meteor. Actor Jeremy Irons, who plays G. H. Hardy in The Man Who Knew Infinity, talks about discovering a meteorite in his school days.

The May 2016 report from the IMO Video Meteor Network is available at
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