04 October 2016

Algeria Bolide Meteor 01OCT2016 w/ Videos

Algeria Bolide Meteor 21:00 Local 01OCT2016 w/ Videos
MeteorRATs on the scene?

Video 1 - most useful video for determining trajectory.
A large meteor in the sky Constantine Province and Mila yesterday
Posted to YouTube by small pac 57 views

Video 2
Météorite à Constantine, Algeria
Posted to YouTube by Smail Djerbal 92,657 views
I cannot confirm that this is an actual video of the event.- LMH

Video 3
Algérie | Un bolide traverse le ciel de Constantine
Posted to YouTube by Algérie Online 66,114 views
Video 4
 Chute de la Meteorite a Constantine سقوط نيزك في قسنطينة
Posted to YouTube by MOUSSAOUI BELKACEM 5,650 views
This news report contains several clips that are NOT of a meteor or of this event! -LMH

Please use Google translation-
Video: Giant Meteor Hits City of Constantine in Algeria
...Fireball passed this Saturday about nine o'clock at night across the sky as Constantine learned Sunday from the president of the Association "Sirius" for astronomy beauty MIMOUNI. ...

In Arabic-

فيديو: #نيزك عملاق يضرب مدينة #قسنطينة في #الجزائر #حياتي
فيديو: #نيزك عملاق يضرب مدينة #قسنطينة في #الجزائر #حياتي - hayati info - Google+.

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