13 October 2016

The Latest worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13OCT2016

Asgardia asteroid defence shield: Satellite system will stop meteors from destroying Earth
Daily Star
Earlier this year a meteor crashed down in Australia without warning, triggering an earthquake and leaving residents terrified. NASA has also begged ...

Meteor breaks apart over Louisville
According to Bill Cooke with NASA's Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville, Alabama, the "fireball" was a meteor moving 89,000 miles per hour.

People report seeing "fireball" in sky
People report seeing "fireball" in sky ... (WTVA) - Many people in North Mississippi and Alabama reported seeing a bright "fireball" in the sky this ...

That thing shooting across the sky in Mississippi: What we know
WAPT Jackson
According to the American Meteor Society, close to 200 people have reported seeing a fireball around the same time as Bird. The reports span from ...

'Fireball' over Lake Pontchartrain? Possibly a meteor
According to NASA's Meteor Watch a bright green fireball was reportedly seen first seen 65 miles above the town of Sawyersville in western Alabama, ...

Meteor sightings in Orleans and Jefferson Parish
New Orleans (WGNO) – Did you see a meteor this morning? Reports of meteor sightings have been popping up across the country! Many in Louisiana ...

NASA explains what that bright green fireball was in the Louisiana sky
WDSU New Orleans
It was bright, green, flying over the Louisiana sky, and more than 100 reports came in to NASA on Wednesday morning about it.

Miss the morning meteor? There's plenty more chances to see one!
The meteor is part of a larger meteor shower going on right now. The Orionids, named so because they appear to originate from the constellation ...

Mississippi Morning Fireball
American Meteor Society
Over 170 witnesses have reported a large early morning fireball seen across the southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, ...

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