13 February 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13FEB2015

Space rock just a flash in Kiwi history
Otago Daily Times
He said observing a bolide -- the name given to an extremely bright meteor -- was like winning a lottery. They rocketed to Earth regularly but were ...

Meteor fireball fragments over Montech, southwestern France, 10 February 2015
Signs of the Times
Translated by SOTT.net A meteor crossed the sky over Tarn-et-Garonne on Tuesday evening. Witnesses in the area have generally been cautious ...

Low-Flying Meteor Explodes Over New Zealand, Illuminating Night Sky
Huffington Post
Local experts agree that the blinding explosion was probably a low-flying meteor, according to The New Zealand Herald. YouTube user Josh ...

Meteor spotted over New Zealand
Yahoo News Canada (blog)
Looked like a big fireball.” This morning, experts are agreeing that the bright explosion and thunderous sonic booms can be attributed to a meteor.

Exploding meteor recorded by New Zealand dash cam
12 (UPI) -- A New Zealand man's dashboard camera captured the moment an apparent exploding meteor lit up the night sky over the North Island.

Meteor Caught on Tape By Driver's Dash Cam
Yahoo! ⋅ 00:08
Watch the video Meteor Caught on Tape By Driver's Dash Cam on Yahoo Canada. While on his way to the gym in Tauranga, New Zealand, user ...

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