01 February 2015

ONT QC MA NY Meteor 31JAN2015

ONT QC MA NY Meteor approx. 1730 EST 31JAN2015
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ONT QC MA NY Meteor approx. 1730 EST 31JAN2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
31JAN2015 Marie-Claude Charland Val-des-Monts, QUEBEC, CANADA 17:35/EST 2-3 seconds E-W (Left to Right, I'm facing south) Green Venus A part "skipped" off. Long tail

31JAN2015 Francois Contrecoeur,quebec ,canda 17;32 et 3sec Southwest to west Orange and green glow Moon Desintegration in mid air A very long streak at a 70 deg ang with with white sparks flying off the core
31JAN2015 Patrick & Carla Shugrue Pepperell, Massachusetts 01463 1730 hours 10 seconds East, West facing SW White Bright as Jupiter Had a tail of debris breaking away in a variety of sizes. It appeared to be very close.
31JAN2015 Lisa Rockland ontario canada 17:20 pm est 5 secs (went beyond my view -houses) West White with red flames White ball with flames Flames Looked like debris falling from sky, detailed

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