01 February 2015

California Meteor 31JAN2015

California Meteor Apprx. 13:30:00 31JAN2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Report/s-
31JAN2015 Barbara Makris Bodega Bay, CA USA 13:30:00 10 sec. S-N traveling right. I was facing west. Bright light with a head and tail. Same as Venus Did not notice anything. Several others in the area saw the same thing.

Press Reports-
Possible meteor lands in west Sonoma County
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Multiple North Coast residents from Valley Ford to Santa Rosa to Fort Bragg reported seeing what they described as a meteor streaking northwest ...

Did You See It? Meteor May Have Passed Over Humboldt Before Crashing into Sonoma County
Lost Coast Outpost
UPDATE 2:16 p.m.:A woman who witnessed the possible meteor described coming into Ferndale and seeing a bright light going fast and low along ...

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