26 August 2014

Ontario, Canada / NY PA Fireball Meteor 25AUG2014

Ontario, Canada / NY PA Fireball Meteor Approx 2040 Eastern 25AUG2014
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Ontario, Canada / NY PA Meteor Approx. 2040 Eastern 25AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25AUG2914 mary Burlington, ON, Canada about 20:40 EST 2-3 seconds Facing SE direction left to right; low in the sky orange, yellow and maybe some blue very bright like the sun ball with a tail happened very quickly

25AUG2914 Matt Marmora, Ontario, Canada 20:45/est PM 3-4sec E-W no sound very bright yellow bright moon no my cousin observed this I'm just reporting, the time & trace direction is close but probably not exact

25AUG2914 Paul Niagara Falls,Ont.Canada 20:36 PM 4 to 5 seconds East to West Yellow Orange Red Sun Broke apart into a cloud of black smoke no sonic boom but it did leave a burning odor behind, smells like a foundry

25AUG2914 Fred Barter Mississauga, Ont, Canada 20:40:00 4 sec ne to sw facing sw yellow flame no sound like a blow torch no flame tail aprox 4-6ft long then fizzled out

25Aug2014 Bernadette Toronto, Ontario 20:35/Eastern 10 second south to west (facing west, traveled left to right) red bright like fireworks yes n/a

25AUG2014 karin Toronto Ontario Canada 20:45:00 5 seconds east to west bright orange. very low in the sky. very bright deteriorated as it got brighter wish i had my phone handy. blew my mind as to how low it was over the city and how closely visible and large it was. i hope someone caught it on camera

25AUG2014 kelly Scarborough, Ontario, canada 20:50pm 3-4sec east - west yellow - orange to greenish blue extremely bright was sparkling. ..looked like it broke up. appeard to be very close

25AUG2014 Alan Pickering, Ontario 20:36 est 3 to 4 seconds facing east, direction was from east to west yellow moon was splitering went about 2/3rds of the way across the sky then flared out and stopped

25AUG2014 David Altman Toronto ON Canada 20:25:00 less than 7 seconds we were facing West and saw it white and yellow Bright as it was twilight yes no

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Unknown said...

Aug 25 2014, 8:40pm. In the eastern sky from London ON. Red ball with a long blue tail that lasted at least 5 seconds. Very bright considering the sky wasnt dark yet. Comet?