19 May 2012

Brasil Installs Latin America`s First Allsky Camera System Network

Brasil Installs Latin America`s First Allsky Camera System Network May 2012

Professor Marcelo de Oliveira Souza and students Lucas Ferreira de Araujo, Jassiel Silva, Guilherme Franco of the Federal Fluminense University (IFF-Guarus) with Allsky Camera and meteorites.
Photo Credit: http://www.odiariorj.com/sem-limites-no-ceu-de-campos/
Professor Marcelo Oliveira (a direita) e os alunos do Clube de Astronomia Luis Cruls, Lucas Ferreira, Jassiel de Araújo Silva e Guilherme Franco atuam no projeto.
Camera All Sky - IFF de Guarus ganha equipamento para monitorar o céu

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Newspaper News Story:

No limit on Sky Field
by Priscilla Alves
Any flying object that crosses the sky field will now be properly identified. This is possible thanks to the All Sky Camera (All-Sky) Guarus installed on the campus of the Federal Fluminense (IFF-Guarus). The equipment will record possible meteors that cross the sky and will allow calculations to find the exact spot where the object falls. ...

Sem limites no céu de Campos

2012 THE Year of Meteors!