26 May 2012

Katol, Vidharbha area, Maharashtra, India Meteorite Fall 22MAY2012

Katol, Vidharbha Area, Maharashtra, India Meteorite "Shower" Fall  ~ 2:30 pm 22MAY2012
-Meteorites hit building(s).

The Geological Survey India reports:

"A meteorite fall occurred in the Katol area on afternoon of 22MAY2012 with a loud noise heard between 2:00 to 2.30 pm. Meteorites were collected from four localities in and around the Katol city. Samples collected are of stony meteorites with varying size, shape and dimensions with typical dark brown burnt surface. Compositionally these meteorites are dominated by silicates with little iron. There is very good chance of getting meteorite samples from other part of the Vidarbha area between Akola and Nagpur as huge sound with very bright and dazzling light was seen between Akola and Nagpur by many peoples in a stretch of around 150 km in ENE/WSW direction." ...

Photos of Katol / Nagpur India Meteorite:

Nagpur Ulkapat

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2505 shrikant pathak on ulkapat

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2012 THE Year of Meteors!