30 March 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30MAR2012

Meteorite to make first local appearance since 1894
Red Bluff Daily News
This year the show will feature the Oroville Meteorite that fell near the base of Table Mountain in 1892. The 54-pound meteorite has not been shown since it was on display at Norton & Ekman's Drug Store in Oroville during in1894, when more than 500 ...

Age of oldest rocks off by millions of years
New Scientist
"If you have a critical event in Earth's history, something like an extinction event or a climate change shift or a meteorite impact, you need to know the absolute age with the most confidence," says Joe Hiess of the British Geological Survey, ...

Did five monks witness a massive impact on the Moon in 1178 ...
By unitedcats
This is because the timing and location of the strike are consistent with the impacter being a part of the annual Taurid meteor shower. While the stuff in meteor showers is generally sand grain size, there's no guarantee it has to be. Uh oh.
Doug's Darkworld

Jupiter Helps Halley's Comet Give Us More Spectacular Meteor Displays
Science Daily (press release)
Now a study shows that the orbital influences of Jupiter on the comet and the debris it leaves in its wake are responsible for periodic outbursts of activity in the Orionid meteor showers. The results will be presented by Aswin Sekhar at the National ...