22 March 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22MAR2012

A MESSENGER to Mercury reveals a strange little planet
Ars Technica
The topography (surface features) of a planet is shaped by internal forces and weathering—which in the case of Mercury is primarily from meteor impacts, since it lacks an atmosphere. Tectonic activity, any volcanism, and cracks in the surface as the ...

meteorobs Messagemeteorobs Meteor Activity Outlook for March 1723 2012
hours but will not interfere with meteor observations The estimated total hourly rates for evening observers this week is near three for observers in the ...

Meteor Weds. AM
WOOD-TV (blog)
A meteor (also known as a shooting star) shot across the sky Weds. AM. I had several calls and emails here at the station and through facebook. It was not part of ameteor shower (here's a list of this year's meteor showers).

Lorton Meteorite Part of Smithsonian Hearings
Meteorite hit a Lorton doctor's office in 2010 and was tied up in a legal dispute. By Beth Lawton The 5.4 billion-year-old Lorton meteorite, which was caught up in a legal dispute between the doctors who wanted to donate it to the Smithsonian and the ...

Meteorite, or meteor-wrong?
Burns Lake District News
An X marks the spot where local Joseph Driscol thinks there is three meteorite craters in the Burns Lake area. He needs the help of a geologist to confirm his discoveries. By Rebecca Billard - Burns Lake Lakes District News A Burns Lake man thinks he ...