14 March 2012

Florida / Georgia Fireball Meteor(s) 13MAR2012

Florida / Georgia Fireball Meteor(s) 13MAR2012

Please check your security camera videos for a capture; anyone with a photo or art work of the event please email me; drtanuki@gmail.com

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13MAR2012 Shay Central FL 8:15 EST 5 seconds NE-SW white/yellow/green Brighter than Spica or Saturn at the moment No Awesome!

13MAR2012 Joe Leone Port St Lucie, FL, USA 20:05:00 3 to 5 seconds Directly overhead to the western sky Bright white Very bright, maybe as bright as moon Just saw a long streak as it travelled across the sky Walking the dog and just happened to be looking up and saw it stream across the sky

13MAR2012 Traci Riverview, fl Approx 8:20pm eastern 3 seconds Traveled east to west Orange and yellowish Bright as Moon Didnt see parts falling off Awesome!

13MAR2012 Charlotte Pressler Sebring, FL USA 06:15 PM EST (07:15 EDST) Possibly 5-8 sec. unsure WSW traveling WSW, left to right. I was facing South. White fireball with comet-like head and thin white tail. As bright as Venus, No fragmentation. Fireball was about the same or a little larger than the planet Venus. Venus and Jupiter were nearly due west at that time. The fireball was about half as high in the sky as they were.

13MAR2012 David Rodda St Petersburg, FL, USA 2025 3 Sec E-S Blue Core 4 Times a bright as Venus Definate dark blue Core with big aura and Tail Very Beautiful Shades od Blue and bright core no sound

13MAR2012 Matt Hudson, Florida, USA 8:40west 3 sec East to West I Think giant fireball went through sky real fast and dropped and was gone moon no bright fireball

13MAR2012 Colleen St Cloud Florida 20:00:00 20 seconds east heading south white with flaming red tail moon with alittle sun no traveled across sky rapidly

13MAR2012 CW Sanibel, FL 2030 approximately 3 seconds right to left red, yellow very bright no very fast, in the northeast sky, we were walking on the beach in Sanibel, it was north east of Sanibel Island

13MAR2012 lisa currie englewood, FL USA EST 8ish pm 10 secs facing east going south to north green orange and blue very bright just burned out wish I had it but it happened so fast.  first one i've ever seen.

13MAR2012 Gretchen Hollingsworth Winder, GA USA 20:30 Hours Eastern Time 10 seconds approximately-I yelled for my husband to come look, and by the time he made it in the room it was out of sight. NE-W I was inside, so I didn't hear any sound. I just saw what appeared to be a giant fireball moving across the sky, as if it was something on fire. It was insanely bright, white edged with pale yellow/orange. It was as bright as the sun. I didn't notice any fragments. I could draw it, but it would just look like a ball of fire.

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