28 February 2009

Meteor Photographed Over North Central California 27FEB09

QT Movie http://www.geocities.com/stange34@sbcglobal.net/v20090227_003016.92.mov

A 6 second plus Fireball 30 minutes & 17 seconds past midnight PST last night (2/27/09) a georgeous Fireball blazed across the N. Central California Area lasting apprx. 6.5 Seconds.

Photo, video and report by Larry Stange
Yuba City Sentinel

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richard lynch said...

there was a fire in the sky 09/27/09 3:30 AM.like wow! 2 1/2 seconds perfect half circle on fire spooing flames from the backside.the tail also on fire was a ruler size behind the cone. then gone i mean gone.