17 February 2009

Italian Fireball makes THREE for 13~15FEB09

Italian Fireball 13FEB09 Photo by: Diego Valeri (c) 2009
The evening of Friday 13 two stations of the Italy center have recorded a large fireball of mag -16/-17!!! ( The hour is in UT )
Possible the fall on the Earth of a meteorite. Moreover in the same timetables have been observed others 5/6 fireball to the north and center Italy.
The radiating is in:
AR. = 159.4 degree
Dec. = 22.2 degree
The radiating is in Antihelion (Delta Leonids).
Source: Roberto Haver, Italy
Well, in the evening (2009, Febrary 13th, at 20:03:29±1 U.T.), over CentralItaly,a very bright fireball was detected from Rieti.
In the link, posted by Roberto Haver, you have a fireball frame image:
The apparente magnitude was -16.9±2.7 and its time of transit was 6.2±0.1 s.
High probability of impact to ground. We're computing the possible point of intersection with Earth, from video records.
Source and Photo Credits: Diego Valeri

Other recent events were 13Feb09--Kentucky, USA
Austin, Texas 11:20CST 15FEB09


Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Ferruccio Zanotti, from Italy and here:


other image and video of 13-14 february italian fireball



Anonymous said...

is there a groundtrack available for this event? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I saw it. It was offshore of Briatico - fragmented over the bay. Quite low over the s.