26 June 2017

Update- Russia Bolide Meteor Event 21JUN2017

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"It looks like an ordinary car": was there an explosion in the suburbs by a meteorite
Barybinsky meteorite is very similar to Borodino

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In the Moscow region on the night of June 22 an event of a planetary scale occurred. Residents of Chelyabinsk survived it quite recently, in 2013, but in the Moscow region this has not happened since 1812. During the Patriotic War, a fairly large meteorite fell on the 4th redoubt of Russian troops fighting near Borodino.June 21, 2017 - a new guest from the sky. Then, 205 years ago, no one was injured from the heavenly wanderer, but now the victim has fallen from a meteorite that fell near the village of Barybino of the Domodedovo district. 28-year-old local resident Vasily Zheleznov got a slight concussion from a strong UFO explosion in the forest.

Photo: Vasily Zheleznov.

In addition to Zheleznov about the fall and explosion of the car in the Emergency Situations Ministry, two more reported - a Muscovite who was in Barybino in the country, and a member of the transport company in the capital, who was resting with colleagues opposite the fishing base between the towns of Barybino and Rastunovo.Yesterday we already talked about this incident. On Friday, another two witnesses called and reported that they also saw and heard the fall and the explosion over Barybino and also called the rescuers. One of the neighbors Vasily Zheleznova told us the following: "I smoked on the balcony and saw something fell and caught fire. I thought at first that the plane had fallen. Just in case, he called the Ministry for Emergency Situations, but he did not run there himself. Late it was already, and it is not enough that there ... "
And here is what Valery Sukhoi, an employee of a transport company from Moscow, told us. Which on that night was resting with colleagues on the backwaters, opposite the fishing base between Barybino and Rastunovo: "We were sitting with friends, frying shish kebabs, when suddenly something flew over us, we all grabbed the phones to photograph, but managed to shoot only the train . The object flew from the side of Akulinino. " According to Sukhoi, they, after some time, also called the Emergency Ministry, where they were told that they had already received similar calls from other residents.

As the head of the Laboratory of Cosmochemistry and Meteorology of the GEOKHI RAS Dmitry Budyukov told us, according to eyewitness accounts, the UFO is very similar to an ordinary car - a large fragment of an asteroid or comet flying to the ground. "In principle, this is a common phenomenon, but not for the Moscow region - there are no evidence of a meteorite fall since 1812 (Borodino meteorite is stored in our museum). And as far as the victims are concerned, the inhabitant of the village Barybino, if he does not write, is the first in the history of our region. He really could be shocked by a loud crash from the explosion - it can be compared to a strong cotton from the fighter. If a person was in 3-4 minutes walk from the place of the fall, then the state described by him is quite understandable. "

A group of enthusiastic scientists plans to visit the site of the fall of a UFO near Domodedovo on Sunday, they expect to find traces of a meteorite there. "MK" will monitor the progress of the investigation of this mysterious case. By the way, the Ministry of Emergency Measures officially dropped the meteorite."
by Natalya Vedeneeva

Thank you Ravi Jagtiani, India, for your help with researching this case.

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