09 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09JUN2017

1000-Foot-Wide Asteroids That Could Hit Earth Discovered by Astronomers
Scientists have discovered a new branch of the Taurids meteor stream that could pose a major risk to Earth, with asteroids up to 1,000 feet wide flying ...

'Growing danger' that asteroids could be hidden in meteor swarm which intersects with Earth 
Yahoo News UK

How hard did it rain on Mars?
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - blogger
Video captures huge bright meteor shooting through the night sky Plymouth Herald This amazing video shows what is thought to be a meteor ...

Flaming meteor fireball seen exploding in South Africa
He approached an astronomical expert to find out what it was. A resident spotted a massive fireball in the sky, the result of a falling meteor...

Huge fireball lights up sky over Devon - and it's been caught in this dramatic video
Residents of Devon were awestruck to see a meteor light up the night sky as it drifted from the sky into the ocean. The space rock's fall was so bright ...

Pentagon's Newest Weapon Project Is Basically A Weaponized Meteor Strike
Back in the 1950s, Jerry Pournelle imagined what would be the equivalent of the extinction of dinosaurs for the military and today the kinetic energy ...

Sky News: Happy Asteroid Day
Haida Gwaii Observer
Although there are no major meteor showers in June, it's worth keeping an eye out for sporadic meteors. On a dark night from a dark location you can ...

Meteor Scatter - FM Radio - June 2017
early June meteor scatter... ... Meteor Scatter - FM Radio - June 2017. Chuck Nagillum. Loading...

Jeopardy Labs
How big are most meteoroids?, What is the speed of the fastest meteoroid?, What is the order of a Meteor stage before it hits the ground?, How many ...

Video Of Meteor Exploding In The Earth's Atmosphere Captured In South Dakota
A photographer in South Dakota, has captured an extremely rare and stunning sight of a meteor speeding towards the Earth's atmosphere. While on a ...

When is the Arietids meteor shower and how can I watch it?
Kent Live
Stargazers have the chance to witness one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year this month. The Arietids meteor shower is an intense ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for June 10 – 16, 2017
International Meteor Organization
Milky Way and a Meteor over Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, ... The estimated total hourly meteor rates for evening observers this week is ...

Events in 2017 1872-2017 KML
Fireball event
ID, UT Date & Time, Local Date & Time, City, State, Dur. Magn. D. Sound, C. Sound, Frag. Observer, Exp. a, 2017-06-07 01:45 UT, 2017-06-06 21:45 ...

Fireball report
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Judy W. Experience Level, 3/5. Remarks, The time is an estimate only based on the observation time of others. I did not look at the ...

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