04 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04JUN2017

Video captures huge bright meteor shooting through the night sky
Plymouth Herald
This amazing video shows what is thought to be a meteor burning through the Devon night sky. The footage comes after 50 members of the public ...

Watch as a fireball lights up the skies over South Devon
Devon Live
A fireball brighter than the moon lit up the skies over Dawlish on Thursday night – and a video shows the spectacular ball of light plummeting down to ...

Meteor over the southern part of Switzerland
Meteor over the southern part of #Switzerland recorded in #Montsevelier #ValTerbi #Jura on 06/02/2017, 00:38:41 UTC Further data: ...

SPOTTED: "Shooting star" flies above Milford station
Eagle Radio
Meanwhile, the UK Meteor Network said the International Meteor Organisation had an unusually high number of meteor reports on Thursday (June 1).

Computational Modeling of Meteor-Generated Ground Pressure Signatures
Marian Nemec, Michael J. Aftosmis, and Peter G. Brown. "Computational Modeling ofMeteor-Generated Ground Pressure Signatures", 23rd ...

Retired Professor Believes Meteor May Have Caused Big Boom in Athens Area
bended reality.com
The loud unexplained sound that rattled homes and unnerved people across the Athens area on Saturday may have been a sonic boom created by a ...

Remember last year's meteorite?
ABC15 Arizona
TEMPE, AZ - The sound and the light from the fireball startled many Arizonans one year ago, but now they can see the meteorites that caused it.

Encore - Fireball Over Corfu, Greece
Earth Science Picture of the Day - Universities Space Research Association
The photo above showing a startling fireball appearing to rip apart the night sky was seen during a star observation session at Mount Pantokrator on ...

Earth is impacted by meteors often
Florida Today
According to NASA, it was the largest since the Chelyabinsk meteor over Russia in 2013, but no one really noticed it because it was far out to sea.

Announcement from Planetary Science Research Discoveries [PSRD]
Flux of O+ Ions from Earth to the Moon

Terrestrial O+ ions escape to the lunar surface when Earth's magnetosphere blocks the Moon from the
solar wind

Noctilucent Clouds Sighted over Europe
Sky watchers in northern Europe are reporting tendrils of electric-blue creeping over the horizon at sunset. These are noctilucent clouds (NLCs), seeded by meteoroids at the edge of space....

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