24 June 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24JUN2017

Is an asteroid about to hit Earth? Making sense of life in a hostile universe
Fox News
This Saturday at roughly 2:38 AM Eastern Time an asteroid bigger than a football stadium will whiz past Earth at 28,000 miles per hour and almost certainly not hit us. But that won’t be the end of it. The 755-foot-diameter projectile is set to return every

Surprise asteroid strike could destroy our cities, astrophysicist warns
The Independent
... an event similar to the 1908 meteoroid explosion over the Tunguska region of Russia could happen again. The meteor exploded above the Earth, ...

The statistical likelihood that asteroids will destroy us all in 10 million years
Only a few, like the famous “Meteor crater” in Arizona, are visible to the untrained eye, but scientists have learned to recognize impact craters even if ...

Meteor shower from Moon's "debris"
Space Exploration Stack Exchange
Did we ever witness a "meteor shower" which was actually dust or debris of some kind from our own Moon? the-moon meteorites meteoroid meteors ...

Interview with visual comet discoverer Shigeki Murakami
- Shigeki Murakami. He believes that visual comet hunters could survive and his advice to others is: "See stars by heart". ...

Perth skywatchers stunned by fireball streaking across the sky
The West Australian
A meteor is one possible explanation but an aircraft contrail has been offered up as another possible explanation and then there is the chance it's a ...

Meteor last night
Last night (June 22nd) I was walking around with some friends around 11 and we saw a large blue/purple streak of light coming from outer space....

Small Asteroid Enters Over Russia Likely Meteorites w/ Video
Posted: 22 Jun 2017 07:11 PM PDT
Small Asteroid Enters Over Russia Likely Meteorites w/ Video 21JUN2017 According to the video information provided by the viewer to the television channel Dozhd, the meteor flew over the Domodedovo region of the Moscow region and burned in the upper atmosphere at an altitude of 80-90 km above the Earth. ...

Mars Rover Opportunity on Walkabout Near Rim
NASA's senior Mars rover, Opportunity, is examining rocks at the edge of Endeavour Crater for signs that they may have been either transported by a flood or eroded in place by wind....

Meteor Jam 7
Meteor echoes from livemeteors.com, with accompaniment. This graphic represents a meteor coming into the atmosphere. This was a very ...

Meteor Echoes Live Stream: livemeteors.com
Meteor Echoes Live Stream: livemeteors.com Live Meteors No views · • NASA Live - Earth From Space Live Feed : ISS live Nasa stream video of Earth ...

Can magnetic space tugs clean up space junk?
New Atlas
Because they travel at tens of thousands of miles per hour, even the smallest object can strike with the force of a meteor, and if a large one should hit a ...

Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars Celebrates National Meteor Day!
June 30th is National Meteor Day or also know as Meteor Watch Day. It is observed annually on this day. If the weather is permitting thousands of ...

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