05 October 2016

NY NJ ONT- US / Canada Large Fireball Meteor 04OCT2016

NY NJ ONT- US /  Canada Large Fireball Meteor 2236 EDT 04OCT2016

Huge fireball across East Coast sets off plane crash fears
New York Post
The fireball was spotted at about 10:36 p.m. Tuesday and prompted about 280 reports to the American Meteor Society, primarily from Ontario.

'Fireball' soars through skies over Western New York
... took calls from folks in the Frewsburg area to Ashville. On Facebook, folks report seeing a 'fireball' in Olean, Cheektowaga, North Lancaster, Ischua, ...

What was that fireball streaking across N.J. sky?
Here's a still image of the #meteor that appeared over #Toronto this evening. Full video here https://t.co/vask7eB0eF pic.twitter.com/ChmSHv1qtB.

A bird? A plane? Edwin's home run? Nope. A meteor flew over Toronto Tuesday night - CBC.ca

Fireball lights up night sky
A fireball streaked through the sky appearing about as bright as the moon. This fireball is essentially a meteor that is large enough to create quite a ...

Massive Fireball Streaks Across East Coast, Prompts Plane Crash Fears - CBS Local

Hundreds report seeing fireball streak over East Coast - Washington Post

Bright fireball spied by hundreds across the Northeast
The Weather Network
As of Wednesday morning, the American Meteor Society - which receives fireball reports on nearly a daily basis, and logs them on their website - has ...

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