02 November 2015

Ontario,Quebec, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York - Canada/USA Fireball Meteor 01NOV2015

Ontario,Quebec, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York - Canada/USA Fireball Meteor/s approx. 1710 Eastern 01NOV2015
There MAY have been two meteor events at nearly the same time?  There are two clusters and times indicated from reports.
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Ontario,Quebec, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York - Canada/USA Fireball Meteor/s approx. 1710 Eastern 01NOV2015
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Initial Meteor Reports-
01NOV2015 Kemptville, Ontario, canada 5:12 pm local. Bright meteor streak that broke up into 3-4 fire balls before extinguishing. About 30• above the horizon. Tracking south west, in the sky south east of Kemptville. I suspect it fell in the area of morisburg on. Or in upper ny state - R. Big

01NOV2015 gerald stjean hawkesbury ontario 17:15 pm 5 n-e white very bright yes there where two off them at the same time

01NOV2015 Ronald McCloskey Casselman, Ontario, Canada 17:10 EST 5 seconds Left to right. I was facing East. White green streak Sun Yes N/A

01NOV2015 Barb Sherman North Grenville, Ontario Canada 17:09 5 sec east sky, moving from North to South bright green very bright , as sun large and broke into 3 pieces and then lots of small fragments This is a first this size for me

01NOV2015 David faubert Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 17:09 10 In the East going East, 30 deg altitude White Venus Yes, one piece "dropped" off and trailed it Very white, slow moving, seen by other witnesses

01NOV2015 Jill Potsaid Carlisle, MA 17:08 EST About 7 seconds It moved from right to left and angled downward in an arc. I was driving on route 3 going north. It looked bright white with maybe the littlest hint of yellow. It was brighter than Venus, it looked fake because it was so bright! It had about the same intensity as the moon. I did not see any parts falling off while It was traveling through the sky, but at the end it broke apart into little sparks and then disappeared. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I was driving. I also wasn't sure what I was looking at because it was such an intense object. When it broke into sparks and vanished it clicked with me what I was actually looking at! It was awesome!

01NOV2015 Heather Laukka Camde,ME 17:08 EST 10-15 sec North, right to left Yellow/green Very Bright, At end looked like it split into 2 Large green/yellow streak went across the sky, then went behind Ragged mountain, 10× brighter and bigger than a shooting star

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Tanya Lasante said...

I seen what I thought was a shooting star it went from blue to green and then split into 2 pieces I live in chicopee mass I was driving home wish I could've taped it

michele mamone said...

We seen a large bright green ball with a trail that split into two pieces over Troy NY on November 1st 2015 around 5:10 pm.

David said...

Saw to balls of green/white light streak from right to left than disappear. Moving extremely fast. Approximately 508 est on Nov 1. I was on rte 3 in Plymouth MA at the time. Witnessed by me, my wife and daughter.