09 November 2015

Kouga, Eastern Cape, South Africa Boom Blue Flash a Meteor? 08NOV2015

Kouga, Eastern Cape, South Africa Boom Blue Flash a Meteor? 2100 Local 08NOV2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
08NOV2015 L. Fredericks Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa 21:00 about 3-4 sec duration from streak across the sky to explosion and fragments fading away Facing south, direction of travel was E-W bright blue/white lights, first one flash then several consecutive flashes about a second later caused by the meteor exploding as it broke into pieces which is what caused the very bright flashes. sounded like fireworks going of, loud boom. Doubt there was any impact as the meteor exploded quite spectacularly as bright as lightning during thunderstorm but more blueish in colour definite fragmentation, glowing orange-red as it burnt out There was a search launched in the Patensie area by the Kouga municipality, which was later called off but even if the search is to be resumed i strongly doubt that anything will be found in the area. the explosion was kilometers high up in the air. in Port Elizabeth, which is about 60 Kilometers from Patensie, you had to look almost straight up to witness the explosion. eye witnesses believe there was an impact but that is probably because the explosion was seen before it was heard, since the meteor would have been travelling much faster than the speed of sound

08NOV2015 annalize patensie port elisabeth easten cape province south africa 21:00pm 3 seconds don't know bright lights/blue blue nowhere explosions heard 70kilos away could hear noice in jeffreysbay easern cape province south africa

News Reports-
Bang shakes Eastern Cape, Kouga municipality hunts for possible meteor
Times LIVE
A disaster management team from the Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape has been sent to the Baviaans area to inspect what is believed to be ...

Was that big boom in the Eastern Cape a meteor strike?
Times LIVE
The Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape is investigating rumours that a meteorite struck near the Patensie area on Sunday night.

Still no sign of mysterious Eastern Cape 'meteorite'
Still no sign of mysterious Eastern Cape 'meteorite'. 2015-11-09 13:46. Ahmed Areff, News24. A meteor the size of a minivan and weighing in at 70 ...

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