09 February 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08-09FEB2015

Meteor captured falling into the sea off the coast of Devon
Daily Mail
Meteor captured on CCTV falling into the sea off the coast of Dawlish Beach in Devon.

Meteor streaks across English Channel off the coast of Devon
Daily Mail
A meteor streaking though the night sky above the English Channel has been captured on camera. The fireball, which was filmed off the coast of ...

Why meteors light up the night sky
Fireball: A meteor that is unusually bright, outshining almost everything in the night sky. Typically, any meteor brighter than magnitude -4 (i.e. brighter ...

This date in science: Great Meteor Procession
Portal to the Universe
During the Great Meteor Procession of February 9, 1913, bright meteors were seen to cross the sky on stately, nearly identical paths. February 9, 1913.

Giant meteor captured on the Dawlish Beach Cam
Torquay Herald Express
Shooting star, flare, meteor .... or one of the Orange Army arriving for a night shift. Those are some of the suggestions so far to explain this fantastic, ...

Video: 'Meteor' filmed above Devon on Dawlish beach cam
Exeter Express and Echo
A video from the camera focused on Dawlish beach has captured a giant glowing object 'landing' in the sea. The footage above shows a meteor flying ...

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