26 February 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 26FEB2015

Un meteorito regresará este viernes a la Tierra
Las Provincias
Un meteorito, de apenas unos centímetros, caerá por segunda vez en la Tierra este viernes 27 de febrero. Se trata de un fragmento de roca que cayó ...

Looking up
Moab Sun News
While my sister was sitting outside on the porch as this 'fireball' crossed the sky, I was sitting inside on the couch, looking at my computer screen.

Florida woman catches meteor on security camera footage
NBC2 News
The sky lit up throughout parts of Florida and Georgia Saturday night after a meteorsoared through the sound barrier before falling apart and crashing ...

Extremely Rare 'Daytime Meteor' Over Melbourne
Triple M
Extremely Rare 'Daytime Meteor' Over Melbourne Uploaded at 26 February, 2015 - 10:07AM. See more: Melbourne ...

Meteor caught on camera streaking across Melbourne sky
Daily Star
A FIERY meteor shower has been captured in rare footage streaking across the sky in Melbourne.

Meteor spotters get 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity'
Skywatchers who spotted a rare daylight meteor in the Victorian sky might never see one again, said one astronomer. Reports of the burst of flame ...

Fireball seen in night sky in US West was likely Chinese rocket
Daily Times
Residents in Rocky Mountain states such as Idaho, Utah and Montana reported seeing the rocket as it disintegrated in the atmosphere about 70 miles ..

Mysterious 'meteor' drops burning pieces across America
Breaking UK News
A mysterious meteor dropped a trail of burning pieces across Idaho, Colorado and Washington on Monday this week, making the internet explode in ...

Meteor rattles windows near Jacksonville, Florida
Talamore Country Club
Meteor rattles windows near Jacksonville, Florida. thanga magan tamil song · shadow runner game · stalking a handbook for victims · driver for hp ...

Fireballs light up North America skies as Chinese rocket booster breaks up
South China Morning Post (subscription)
Turns out the lights - seen from Arizona to Canada - were not a meteor, but a Chinese rocket booster that broke apart. Canadian photographer Neil ...

First Vision Of Extremely Rare 'Daytime Meteor' Over Melbourne
The first vision of an extremely rare 'daytime meteor' that shot across Melbourne on Wednesday morning had emerged online.

Latest fireball in night sky actually a Chinese rocket
Meteors captured on video as fireballs lighting up the night sky are becoming more common thanks to ubiquitous smartphones. Except this one was ...

'Once in a lifetime' meteors heard over Vic, NSW
The New Daily
The objects were from a larger meteor in space that collided with something. ... “Normally when we think of a meteor, we actually think shooting star ...

Bruderheim to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of its meteorite
Edmonton Sun
Based on eye-witness reports, it is believed that the meteor was first observed by Alexis Simon, a resident of the Paul Band at Duffield. He noted the ...

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