20 February 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20FEB2015

Watch: Bright Fireball Meteor Explodes Over US
National Geographic
Such bright meteors are often called fireballs. The event was captured at about 4:50 a.m. local time on three NASA Meteor Watch cameras, including ...

NASA photographs fireball streaking across Pennsylvania skies
Big News Network.com
PITTSBURGH -- NASA cameras, along with several hundred amateur astronomers, caught a glimpse of an impressive fireball as it streaked across the ...

Meteor streaks across sky in PA
WSMV Nashville
PITTSBURGH (CNN) - NASA cameras at the Allegheny Observatory in Pennsylvania captured an image of a 45,000-mile-an-hour meteor.

NASA Meteor Watch
Here is an animation showing the orbit of the Pennsylvania fireball and the meteor'sperspective as it approaches Earth (imagine you were sitting on ...

Fireball! Meteor going 45000 mph lights up Pennsylvania sky
Sunbury Daily Item
In this frame grab made from a video done with a dashboard camera, on a highway from Kostanai, Kazakhstan, to Chelyabinsk region, Russia, ...

NASA cameras capture meteor streaking across the sky
(CNN) -- NASA cameras at the Allegheny Observatory captured an image Tuesday of a 45,000 mile an hour meteor above the Pittsburgh area.

Lucky few see fireball's brilliant show over Armstrong
The fireball was a meteor that weighed 500 pounds and measured 2 feet in diameter, according to NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. The space ...

Fireball spotted over Pennsylvania
Video news report about Pennsylvania Fireball.

Meteor lights up sky over New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio
Delhi Daily News
The skies above New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio were recently illuminated by a 500 pound fireball meteor going 45,000 miles per hour.

Meteor Activity Outlook for February 21-27, 2015
American Meteor Society
While conditions are favorable for meteor observing during this period, hourly rates are expected to be low, especially from the northern hemisphere.

Superbright meteor zooms over the sky in a great fireball
YouTube ⋅ 00:56
Watch amazing moment meteor burns brighter than the MOON as it enters Earth's atmosphere A meteor burned brighter than the full moon as it ...

Large Fireball Lights Up Sky in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Latinos Post
A 500-pound fireball lit up the skies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York just before dawn on Tuesday, ABC News reported. The blazing streaker ...

Spectacular fireball over Pittsburgh / Juvenile moon alert
Astro Bob
A fireball meteor at least as bright as the full moon flared over the Pittsburgh region around 4:50 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday morning. The object ...

500-Pound Fireball Illuminates Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York Pre-Dawn Skies
Good Morning America - Yahoo
View the photo 500-Pound Fireball Illuminates Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York Pre-Dawn Skies on Yahoo. Find more photos in our photo galleries.

Meteor Going 45000 mph Lights Up Pennsylvania Sky
The agency says the meteor likely came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. NASA says meteorite fragments may be scattered on the ...

Fireball soars over Ohio and Pa. skies
Nasa cameras at the Allegheny Observatory Captured an image of a 45-thousand-mile-an-hour meteor. The meteor created a fireball in the sky, and ...

Meteor Illuminates Sky above Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York
Maine News Online
Early Tuesday, a 500-pound fireball meteor illuminated the sky above Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. NASA Meteor Watch cameras caught the ...

NASA Captures Massive Fireball Over Pittsburgh
NASA Captures Massive Fireball Over Pittsburgh. AccuWeather. Duration: 00:20 21 hrs ago. Feb 18, 2015; 7:10 AM A very bright meteor was captured ...

Meteor streaks across Pittsburgh sky going 45000 mph
NASA cameras at the Allegheny Observatory captured an image of a 45,000-mphmeteor. The meteor created a fireball in the sky and startled some ...

Fireball! Meteor brighter than full moon seen over three states
San Jose Mercury News
KITTANNING, Pa. (AP) — A meteor moving at 45,000 mph lit up the sky over western Pennsylvania. NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office says the ...

'Fireball' meteor lights up Pittsburgh sky in video
The fireball's journey was captured by three of NASA's meteor cameras, which belong to the agency's All-sky Fireball Network. It entered Earth's ...

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