11 February 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10-11FEB2015

Public 'privileged' to view spectacular low-flying meteor
Spotting the low-flying meteor which lit up the night sky in the North Island last night, causing a loud sonic boom, was a rare occurrence says an ...

Fireball, loud boom as tiny meteorite sparks huge excitement
A low- flying meteorite lit up the North Island sky and caused a loud sonic boom last night. The fireball could be seen from Wellington to Auckland at ...

Stunning meteor flashes across North Island's night sky
A Kiwi driver captures dashcam footage of a fireball streaking across the NZ night sky.

Watch: Meteor Lights Up the Sky
ZM Online
Watch: Meteor Lights Up the Sky. Our mate Josh Sherborne sent us this video he snapped on his dash cam during the bright lights and sonic booms ...

Fireball speeds across Catalan skies
The Local.es
Stargazers were amazed to see a ball of light speeding across the sky over Catalonia on Tuesday night. Christmas fireball lights up Spanish skies (29 ...

Incoming: Sonic booms heard and bright light seen across northern New Zealand skies due to ...
Signs of the Times
The flash in #Auckland tonight was definitely not lightning, most likely a #meteor #nzmeteor

Is There Such a Thing as a Random Meteor?
Sky & Telescope
Meteor showers like the Perseids get all the press. But have you ever wondered where all the random meteors come from? We explore their origins.

Meteor near miss for Hamilton friends
New Zealand Herald
Two Hamilton friends had a close encounter tonight with what is believed to have been a meteor, which lit up skies over the North Island.

Meteor reportedly flashes over Auckland
A large flash across the North Island has been reported where a meteor allegedly lit up the sky. Some Twitter users have described the scene as a ...

Bright light seen across northern skies
Bright flashes and sonic booms in the night sky above the North Island are most likely a chunk of asteroid or a meteoroid bursting through the Earth's ...

Meteor captured falling into the sea off the coast of Devon
YouTube ⋅ 00:34
Meteor captured falling into the sea off the coast of Devon Meteor captured falling into the sea off the coast of Devon Meteor captured falling into the ...

Meteor streaks across English Channel off the coast of Devon
TKG News
Dawlish Beach Webcam filmed the fireball as it broke apart in atmosphere The meteor was spotted on live footage by webcam operator Simon Dean ...

Meteor Procession Feb 9, 1913
Bluewater Astronomical Society
What happened that night is sometimes called the Great Meteor Procession of 1913, and it sparked decades of debate concerning what actually ...

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